How Many Robux Can I Get With 1 Dollar

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You on this page are looking for the information about purchasing Robux, aren’t you? Certainly you will need the information in buying Robux such as how many Robux if we pay with 1 dollar or more and the amount of Robux based on dollar. Then, if you so excited to know, don’t leave this page before get the answer!

Certainly, you are so interested to get much Robux on your own Roblox account. Unfortunately, the ways to get it are so hard and difficult to do. There are many rules that you have to fulfill if you want to get much Robux. Not all Roblox players have a skill to get much Robux instantly as many of them do. It is no wonder because in Roblox, there are two categories of players: old player and newcomer. That’s so impossible for newcomer to have a great skill in getting Robux instantly and easily. Absolutely, they will learn to the veteran Roblox player how to get it.

Indeed, there are official and legal ways to get Robux. But, many Roblox players think that those ways are so boring in which they will get the amount of Robux based on the offers. So, most of them keep searching for the instant ways to get Robux. Unfortunately, there is none getting success in earning much Robux for free. It is because the money/ Robux generator or lots of site offers much Robux for free is just a fake and make you fool. So, the recommended way to get Robux is what the Roblox suggests, it will be better for you.

One of recommended way to get Robux is by purchasing Robux using dollar. This way also can be mentioned as the easiest way among the other ways in having Robux. By buying Robux using dollar, you will have a estimation how many Robux that you need. It is because there is a calculation of Robux price if you use a dollar to purchase it. It means you will get the amount of Robux based on your dollar amount. So, it will so help you to estimate your budget and calculate how many Robux you will need before you buy Robux.

How if you just have one dollar to buy Robux? Definitely, you must not be worried, with 1 dollar, you will get the amount of Robux as calculated. If you want to buy Robux with 1 dollar, actually you will get 80R$. Then, you will purchase the Robux with 1 dollar only on the Roblox Mobile App or the Roblox Windows 10 App. If you want to know more the calculation of dollar to Robux, check the list below!

Price (USD)

Amount of Robux


40 R$


80 R$


160 R$


240 R$


320 R$


400 R$


800 R$

1,700 R$


2,000 R$

4,500 R$


10,000 R$


22,500 R$


75,000 R$

Well, by looking for the table, you already know how many dollar you have to spend if you want to buy Robux as certain amount. You can also buy Robux just paying it with 0.5 dollar. It is so affordable and reliable at all. So,  it is time for you to prepare your budget in purchasing Robux as you desire.

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