How to Find My Roblox RAP

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How do you find your RAP in Roblox? As a Roblox player, we think that it is very important for you to know what your Rap in Roblox. Most of case, the new Roblox players do not know what their Rap in Roblox and how to find their RAP in Roblox. For those who are looking for information about how to find your Roblox RAP, so you are able to read this article until end because here we are going to talk about that.

Based on the research, RAP is Recent Average Price. It is what is calculated in trades and an average selling price of each individual limited item. You have to note that a RAP of limited item, it is reflected by how much it sells in the catalog of Roblox, how much its trade, and its daily amount of copies sold averagely. Usually, a limited item can sell for above or below its RAP. Of course, it is going to affect to its value of Robux. If it sell above its corresponding RAP, so it will increase. Then, if it sells below, so it will decrease. For this case, we are able to say that it depends on how much it is sold for.

So, what can you do to find your Roblox RAP? As a Roblox players, you may ever heard about RBXROCKS. Yeah, it is a site where you are able to find and see your Roblox RAP. According to the research, there are many Roblox players who visit the site of RBXROCKS for finding their Roblox RAP. Other way to find your Roblox RAP is by going to Merely’s NBC trade hangout. The last option, you are able to download Roblox+ from Google Chrome.

If you need more information about how to find your Roblox RAP, we suggest you to watch a video on YouTube entitled “How to find your Rap on Roblox”. It was published by MajorLeagueMarcus on January 7, 2018. Currently, it has 451,826 viewers. On that video, you are able to see a tutorial to find your Rap on Roblox easily. So, please watch that video until finish so that you are able to understand the way to find your Rap on Roblox. After you watch that video, then you are able to prove its way step by step.

Talk about RAP (Recent Average Price), now we are going also to give you an example about RAP Roblox. To find the Rap of Roblox players, try to go to the official website of RbxRocks. For your information, there you not only can see RAP Roblox, but also rank and value. Now, we will give an example about one of Roblox player. His username is Roblox. Once we go to the official website of RbxRocks and visit the page of Roblox RbxRocks, you can see the rank, Rap and value of Roblox. Currently, his rank is N/A, and his value is 99,808,227. The rap of Roblox is 42,368,048. There, you can also see that Roblox has many Roblox items including Dominus Empyreus (RAP: 2,804,524), Dominus Frigidus (RAP: 2,295,354), Dominus Infernus (RAP: 1,664,046), Red Sparkle Time Fedora (RAP: 1,030,413) and more.

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