How to Beat Cone Roblox

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What game on Roblox do you recently play? Some of you may play Cone. This game was created by Defaultio and in this game you will be a cone. It is unique, isn’t it? If in the other games, you will have to choose your role as a criminals, policeman, or other roles which are still human but in this game you have to be a Cone.

Knowing how to beat this game is important so that when you play the game, you will know what you should do to win the game. But first, let’s find out some information about this game. Cone is an adventure game which was created on March 6th, 2016. Now, this game has been visited more than 1 million time and has been favorited more than 21k times. Cone game can be played by 1 player in each server.

This game is a mystery adventure game and it proposes an answer to the long-pondered question, “What does it mean to b a cone?”. This game is a philosophical journey and it takes you through the eyes of life as a Cone. In this game, you are required to conquer the obstacles and also solve puzzles as you question your own life. There are several game badges that you are able to obtain such as Woe, Solitude, Liberation, and Lamentable Woe.

Now, how to beat this game? If you search this on Youtube, you will be able to find some videos about this game and one of them is about how to beat cone. The title of the video is How To Beat Cone (Roblox) – Complete Walkthrough Guide. This video was uploaded by ImaFlyNmidget on June 12th, 2018 and now it has been viewed more than 31,000 times and liked more than 530 times.

In the video, you can see that the game starts in a big road where there is a truck brings down cones one by one to the road. In the game, you are a cone. Then, you can walk for a while and after that you will find a truck with loop and you are sucked up by the loop. You are inside the truck and then you will be out of there. When you are out, you will be in a forest. After that, you will find a river and then you will dive there and find a hole in the waterfall and enter the hole.

The way to beat this game is long so that you need to watch videos to know it. Another video that you can watch about beating Roblox Cone is How to Get the Woe Ending + Badge | Roblox Cone. This video was uploaded by Conor3D on June 12th, 2018 and now it has been watched more than 58k times and liked more than 900 times. The duration of the video is 11 minutes 38 seconds. In the video, he gives you notes what you have to do in the game.

So, before you play Cone game, you’d better watch the video first about the walkthrough and also how to beat it so that you can win the game.

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