How to Avoid Being Killed on Roblox

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Weapons are known as the items used to attack the enemies in Roblox. They come in various types. They are all powerful and have different functions. However, the functions of them are usually similar.

People use weapons all the time. they use them to own the other characters and be dangerous. However, weapons are sometimes being held by the wrong person. This kind of thing is the start of the bad thing to happen. Then, how to avoid being killed on Roblox?

Method 1: Rocket Launcher

When a player fires a rocket at you, all that you have to do is to jump out of the way. Rockers are the easiest things to dodge because they are able to often move slowly, and take a while to reload. Aside from that, jumping is the easiest way in order to avoid smaller explosions such as those from a rocket launcher. After jumping once, be ready to jump for the second time. most of people will not give up on the first few shots. Do not forget that rocket launchers usually fire more slowly than guns, so after they fire, the user is slightly vulnerable, unless they take cover or switch weapons.

Method 2: Guns

Guns are really different compared to rockets. They usually do not fire explosives but fast moving damage dealing projectiles. You need to take cover, behind a wall, rock, car, and so on. While there is a chance, like if the attacker is reloading, please jump out of the cover and shoot them with the weapon. You are able to try to ambushing the enemy, when you attack the enemy from the cover or behind, it is often too late for them to react. Another thing is to look for trick shots. If, in the game, bullets are able to reflect off a wall, you need to see if there a way you are able to ricochet bullets from a slipped wall behind you into the attack in front or you.

Method 3: Bomb

Boms are considered very easy. All that you need to do is to just get away before it explodes. As the alternative, you can jump around on the top of them to try to throw them far away due to a physics glitch.

Method 4: Sword

When a player comes at you with a sword, you need to run away. Be ready for them to follow, jump on something or climb up a building or big thing. You are recommended to jump off something high. This one will get you a small lead ahead of them. Please avoid getting sliced at directly. It is the best for you to be behind them and attack, or hit them from the side, since the sword does damage on contact.

Which weapon do you prefer to use to avoid being killed on the biggest platform to play games called Roblox? Each of them is best and has its own advantages and disadvantages.

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