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Reputation is a system that found within Ro-Ghoul. For your information, Ro-Ghoul is a free-fighting game of Roblox inspired by the anime/manga Tokyo Ghoul, and made by SushiWalrus. This reputation allows the players to increase their rankings within the two factions of Ro-Ghoul: The CCG and Ghouls.

If you are a member of CCG, so you risk your lives to protect people from the monsters who like eating the flesh of human. With Quinques, CCG Investigators work hazardously to defend humanity from Ghouls. The investigators are able to reach reputation and rise through the ranks to become a top investigator of CCG. Then, as a Ghoul, the players are able to either live peacefully or engage in genocide. But, they are always in fear of being hunted and killed by other Ghouls, or humans that are trained to kill ghouls. The Ghouls utilize their Kagunes to fight and defend themselves. The Ghouls are able to reach reputation and be classified as a higher threat by CCG and then be a notorious Ghoul.

You have to know that reputation is obtained by speaking with the respective faction leader of each faction and accepting a Task. Usually, the tasks required the users to kill a specific amount of Aogiri NPCs found around the map. You have to remember that killing too many humans is going to botch the reputation yield for that task and give only a small portion of total amount.

After the players completing a task, so they are able to turn them back into their respective faction leaders to reach Reputation. As we know that reputation is able to be used to increase rankings. Besides, reputation can also be used to cash out Yen. Once cashing out, you are able to get 1 Yen per every Reputation point you. But, you are going to get 2 Yen per every reputation point if you have 2x Reputation gamepass. Reputation does not reset once cashing out, and the players are able to do it every two hours.


Ratings for Ghouls, or ranks for CCGs are the systems to identify a reputation of player. The ratings are listed below with the required amount of points needed to earn them. You have to note that Ratings or Ranks do not play a role in the gameplay. Usually, they only provide as the bragging rights.


This is the rating system for Ghouls. The Ghouls are rated from C to SSS.

Rating Required Reputation
[C]-Rated 0 Reputation
[B]-Rated 25,000 Reputation
[A]-Rated 50,000 Reputation
[S-]-Rated 100,000 Reputation
[S+]-Rated 250,000 Reputation
[SS]-Rated 750,000 Reputation
[SSS]-Rated 1,000,000 Reputation


This is the ranking system for CCGs. The CCGs are ranked from Rank 3 Investigator to the special Class Investigator.

Rank Required Reputation
Rank 3 Investigator 0 Reputation
Rank 2 Investigator 25,000 Reputation
Rank 1 Investigator 50,000 Reputation
First Class Investigator 100,000 Reputation
Associate Special Class Investigator 250,000 Reputation
Special Class Investigator 750,000 Reputation

Well, this is an explanation of Reputation Ro Ghoul that we get from Wiki. If you want to get more information, so you are able to go to the page of Ro Ghoul Wiki.

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