How Do You Garden in Bloxburg

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Apparently, there are a total of 10 skills in the game of Welcome to Bloxburg. One of skills is Gardening. As one of Bloxburg player, we are sure that you know about that. The definition of garden itself is a build mode section that includes various nature decorations such as the trees, rocks and the fountains.

By the way, how do you garden in the game of Welcome to Bloxburg? You have to know that there are lots of items in the Roblox Bloxburg Gardening. So, you are able to garden with those items. Well, here in this article, we are going to share some items in Roblox Bloxburg Gardening.

  • Natural Plant: This is one of plant in garden of Welcome to Bloxburg. The cost of Natural plant is $30.
  • Leaf Pile: This is a pile of fallen leaves. The cost of leaf pile is $40.
  • Dirt Pile: This is a pile of dirt and the cost of this item is $30.
  • Dead Tree: This is one of tree in garden of Welcome to Bloxburg. In fact, the most people do not like with this dead tree. It is not very welcoming. The cost of this dead tree is $60.
  • Compact Bush: This is only a bush and nothing special. You are able to get it by purchasing it for $40.
  • Mushrooms: This is a couple of mushrooms in garden of Welcome to Bloxburg. For note: You do not try to eat it. The cost of this mushroom is $50.

  • Curved Rock: It is a large stone that shaped like a curve. The cost of this curved rock is $110.
  • Flowers: This is a couple of flowers. We are sure that you will like to garden this flowers. How pretty it is. The cost of this flowers is $60.
  • Rough Tree: This is a common tree with a somewhat rough crown. But if you are abel to care well, it is going to look more beautiful. The cost is $150.
  • Spherical Tree: In Bloxburg garden, you are going to find this Spherical Tree. It is a common tree with a carefully sculpted crown and it has shaped as a sphere. The cost is $240.
  • Boulder: This is one of a round boulder in Garden of Bloxburg.
  • Birdhouse: This is a small wooden bird house. The cost is $260.
  • Ball Tree/Stack Tree: This is a tall tree with leaves shaped as stacked balls. The cost is $270.
  • Bird Bath: This is a classic garden bird bath that we can find in Bloxburg garden. The cost is $320.
  • Well, the text above is several items that you are able to find in Garden of Bloxburg. If you want to get more information regarding all items in Bloxburg garden, so you are able to play the game directly or you are able also to get its information from the page of Welcome to Bloxburg on Wikia.

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