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Counter Blox is the name of the FPS game. this one was created by the ROLVe Community on September 28, 2015 and was Remastered on July 30, 2018. The game currently has 1.4 million favorites.

Talking about the Counter Blox, there is a thing called Counter Blox aimbot. The term “aimbot” is used to call the very complex piece of programming that, in effect, takes data from your game, and uses that data in order to lock on the heads of enemy targets. Aside from that, the term “aimbot” also can be defined as the program or script that aims at the enemy for the cheater. There are some different styles of aimbots, including colored models, engine aim, and XQZ style. Each way has a unique style of accomplishing the aimbot effect. Apparently, all the aimbots are cheats. The main reason behind it is because it has the computer aim for the cheater, and gives the extremely unfair advantage for the enemy, and is illegal in gaming leagues.

For those who are looking for the script of Counter Blox aimbot, you can exclude Pastebin from the list. Pastebin is the name of the platform that provides all the scripts, including the script of Counter Blox. The first thing that you have to do to find the script on this platform is to open the official website of Pastebin. When you are in the site, head to the top center of the screen, where the Search bar is located. Please type the keyword like “Counter Blox aimbot”, hit the Search or Enter button, and the result will be shown.

Apparently, you will be able to see some results related to Counter Blox aimbot. One of the scripts is the one shared by a guest. This one was uploaded on December 22, 2018. Since the first time its release, this script has ben seen 1,963 times. Here is the script as displayed on Pastebin:

1. — keybinds

2. toggle_aim = Enum.UserInputType.MouseButton2

3. toggle_aimbot = Enum.KeyCode.LeftAlt

4. toggle_trigger = Enum.KeyCode.RightAlt

5. toggle_esp = Enum.KeyCode.End

6. toggle_gui = Enum.KeyCode.F6

7. toggle_bottompos = Enum.KeyCode.F7

8. toggle_performance = Enum.KeyCode.F8

9. toggle_bones = Enum.KeyCode.Delete

10. toggle_chams = Enum.KeyCode.F3

11. toggle_tracers = Enum.KeyCode.F2

12. toggle_boxes = Enum.KeyCode.F4

13. toggle_font = Enum.KeyCode.F1

14. teleportall = Enum.KeyCode.X

15. ffatoggle = Enum.KeyCode.Home

16. targetpart_change = Enum.KeyCode.BackSlash

17. priority_toggle = Enum.KeyCode.Insert

18. sethotkey = Enum.KeyCode.RightControl

19. toggleinfjump = Enum.KeyCode.T

20. — aim fov


22. fov_increase = Enum.KeyCode.KeypadPlus

23. fov_decrease = Enum.KeyCode.KeypadMinus

24. — aim sens (how smooth your crosshair will move)

25. sens_increase = Enum.KeyCode.RightBracket

26. sens_decrease = Enum.KeyCode.LeftBracket

aside from the Counter Blox aimbot full script, in the same page, you will be able to find the RAW paste data of that script. This one is located below the full script. You are able to download all the script, print them, or copy and paste them later. If you have any question, you can try to seek a help from Roblox community by joining the community first.

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