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Hilton Hotels training guide Roblox is the name of the guide for the trainer that will train the trainees of Hilton Hotels. Here is the details of the guide. Please read everything and explain to the trainees later.

As a trainer, you will train people with some different positions such as housekeeping, bar staff, security, and receptionist. The first thing that you can do in the training is to greet and welcome the trainees. Then, introduce yourself and tell them that you will be their trainer for that session. As a trainer, you will explain some vital things that the trainees must know at Hilton Hotels. You are able to ask the trainees to not speak during the session and tell them that there will be a time for questions at the end. Here is the details that you should explain as a trainer.

For the housekeeping, the main job will be at the housekeeping desk at the hotel. They will get three tools. Those include broom, vacuum, and trolley. They are able to go around the hotel and clean the floors and make sure the hotel is tidy and nice.

In order to get each tool, they just need to click on them and everything is in the staff area of the hotel. If they want to clean, they just have to hold out the tool and act like they are cleaning the floors. If the guest need them to clean their room, the housekeeping should go and flush the toilet, open shower doors if they are closed, shut off the water if it is left on. Aside from that, they are also allowed to give out the information about the hotel if the guest come and ask them. Apparently, the housekeeping will get a staff card. Tell them to not use this kind of card to explore rooms. They can hold it the broom tool in front of them and click. This one will have an animation for them to clean.

It is time to move to the warning system. Every troller will get three warnings. For instance, warning one is spamming, warning two is disrespecting staff, and warning three is impersonating staff. The third one can be serious. If the housekeeping finds someone who is not a member or staff and she or he is wearing the staff uniform, that one is impersonating the staff. They need to ask that person to take it off.

After the job, the next thing that you can explain to the housekeeping is about the uniform. the uniform is placed in the staff room, behind the receptionist desk. They need to wear the uniform all the times, while at the hotel. In order to put the uniform on, they just need to click on it. They could possibly get demoted for not wearing the uniform.

If you want to find the guide for the other positions such security, receptionist, bar, and so on, please visit the official website of Deviant Art. This one provides the information about the guide for the Hilton Hotels trainer.

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