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Roblox has a program named Roblox Studio and it can be used by Roblox users to create the places of their dreams. In the Roblox Studio, there are more comprehensive and intricate set of tools which permits for a greater sense of control and creative expression.

In the Roblox Studio, there are a lot of features that you are able to use and those features are accessible to a variety of skill levels which ranges from a novice to an experienced programmer. The tools there range from simple manipulation of objects or terrain to entering complex scripts and game functions. It also permits you to test your games in an isolated environment before you upload them to the Roblox website.

If we talk about Roblox Studio, you will have to understand about script, CFrame, and many other things. Now, do you know what is CFrame? Well, CFrame is short for Coordinate Frame. It is defined as a data type which are used to rotate and position 3D objects. A CFrame contains global X, Y, and Z coordinates and also rotation data for each axis as either an object property or a standalone unit. Also, CFrames contain functions which are helpful for working.

Now, have you heard about CFrame lerp? You may come here because you have heard about that and you want to know more about CFrame lerp. Let say that you want to use CFrame Lerp and then if you want to interpolate one brick between two orientations (position and rotation), you will use the new CFrame linear interpolation method.

local CFrame1 =

local CFrame2 =, 10, 10),

for i = 0,1, .01 do

Part.CFrame = CFrame1:lerp(CFrame2,i)



It will make the Part transition from the first CFrame to the second. In the similar way that animations are also interpelated. The similar thing can be done also for camera transition.

It will be much better if you watch some video tutorials about CFrame Lerp. Watching some videos usually will help you to know and understand how to apply it. Some videos that you are able to watch on Youtube about CFrame Lerp are Roblox Scripting Tutorial – Lerping which was published by Y3llow Mustang on June 9th, 2018; CFrame:lerp() which was published by Max G. on July 10th, 2015; and Roblox Lerping which was published by Legend Gaming on March 2nd, 2017.

In the video of Y3llow Mustang entitled Roblox Scripting Tutorial – Lerping, he shows how to lerp. In the description section of the video that you can find under the video, he even attach the code for lerping and the code is:

for i = 0,1,0.001 do


workspace.Part.CFrame = workspace.Part.CFrame:lerp(workspace.Part1.CFrame,0.5)


In the video of Max G., entitled CFrame:lerp(), there is nothing in the video except a black background and also a word Roblox in it. However, in the description section that you can find under the video, you are able to see that there is a link to a pastebin. When you click that, you can see that it is the script for lerping.

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