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Friendship badge Roblox is known as a badge that is obtainable by having 20 friends. Every user does not lose this one if they have less than 20 friends after they obtain the badge. By far, this one has been earned by a lot of people and easiest one to get.

Friendship badge Roblox is given to players who have embraced the community of Roblox and have made at least 20 friends. The players who have this badge are good people to know and are able to probably help you out in case you are having some trouble. In the year of 2015, the badges got an update and the badge called Friendship badge Roblox was part of it.

How does the image of Friendship badge Roblox looks like? The old or the original Friendship badge Roblox image consists of three icon of people. The first person is blue, the second one is yellow, and the third one is red. Behind them, there is something like the cloud, indicating the rest of the people. As stated before, Friendship badge Roblox is given to players that have 20 or more friends. On the other hand, the old or the original Friendship badge Roblox looks really simple. It is simpler both the form and the color. When the old one looks colorful, this one only consists of some different shades of sky blue and white. As for the form, it looks like a coin. Just like the old one, the current badge features the image of three people. On top of the, there is a “20” written, meaning the badge is given when the players have 20 or more friends. Unlike the other badges on Roblox, the images of the old and the current badges of Friendship badge Roblox do not really different and still give similar thing with the people on it.

For detail information about the Friendship badge Roblox image, feel free to visit the official website of Roblox. In the site, you are able to find the image of it. If you are too lazy to go there, you just simply open your favorite browser and type in “Friendship badge Roblox image” or just “Friendship badge Roblox” as the keyword.

Aside from Friendship badge Roblox, there are also Roblox Administrator badge (given to administrators), Roblox Veteran badge (given to players who exceed one year of account age), Roblox Inviter badge (given to players who exceed 20 friends), Roblox Ambassador badge (given to players who exceed 6+ tix in the ambassador program), Roblox Forum Moderator badge (given to forum moderators), Roblox Image Moderator badge (given to image moderators), Roblox Super Moderator badge (given to super moderators), Roblox Builders Club badge (given to players who had BC), Roblox TBC badge, Roblox OBC badge, Roblox Welcome to the Club badge, Roblox Homestead badge (given to players who exceed 100 place visits), Roblox Bricksmith badge, Roblox Official Model Maker badge, Roblox Combat Initiation badge, Roblox Warrior badge, and Roblox Bloxxer badge.

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