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In Roblox, we are able to use fonts that we like. But, some of you may be confused what fonts that can work in Roblox. It is good to know because if you have make words in certain fonts but then when you paste it or apply it to Roblox, the fonts do not appear properly because it does not work.

According to, there is Font Enum in Roblox and it is used in TextBox, TextLable and TextButton to determine how the element of GUI will render its text. It is important for you to know that some fonts have italic, bold and/ or light variants. Each font will render text with the line height equal to the TextBox.TextSize with the exception of the “Legacy” font. The “Code” font is the monoscape font and it has the unique property which each character has the exact same width and height ratio of 1:2. The width of each character is almost half the Text.Box.TextSize property.

Here is the list of Enums.

  • Legacy
  • Arial
  • ArialBold
  • SourceSans
  • SourceSansBold
  • SourceSansSemibold
  • SourceSansLight
  • SourceSansItalic
  • Bodoni
  • Garamond
  • Cartoon
  • Code
  • Highway
  • SciFi
  • Arcade
  • Fantasy
  • Antique
  • Gotham
  • GothamSemibold
  • GothamBold
  • GothamBlack

Now, you maybe want to put some words in your Roblox profile by using certain beautiful fonts. You can do it by using Font Generators. Some websites such as,,, and can be used by you to generate fonts so that you can put the words with beautiful fonts in your Roblox profile.  To do that, you are able to use these sites because these sites are simple to use. You just need to copy and paste the words and then put it in the profile as a description.

For example, you want to generate fonts by using To do that,  you have to go to In the site, you will see some menus and if you want to generate fonts, you need to click on Fancy Text menu. Now, you will be in a page where you can enter your name and choose the fonts that you like.

After entering words in the “Input Your Text Here” box, a lot of results will appear under it and  you are able to scroll down to see more results. If you have found the font that you like, you are able to click on the Go Copy This Style button in the right of the font that you select. Now, you have to visit Roblox and log in. Then, go to the Profile menu and in the top right of your profile, you see three dots. Click on that and there will appear three options including Update Status, Inventory and Favorites. Click on Update Status so that you can paste the words that you copied from Cool Symbol site. Now, you can paste the words that you copied previously in your profile. Now, the words with aesthetic fonts can be seen in your Roblox profile. Click on Save in the right of your profile so that the change will be saved.

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