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Roblox font alphabet is used in the textbox, textlabel, and textbutton. This one is usually used to determine how the GUI element will render its text. Some of Roblox fonts have bold, italic, and or light variants as there is no Roblox font weight or Roblox font style properties.

There are some Robolox font alphabets. Some of them are Legacy (the Legacy font style), Arial (the Arial font style), ArialBold (the Arial font style, but in boldface), SourceSans (the SourceSans font style), SourceSansBold (the SourceSans font style, but in bold face), SourceSansSemibold (the SourceSans font style, but in semi boldface. It is less bold than SourceSansBold but more bold than SourceSans), SourceSansLight (the SourceSans font style, but less boldface than the original SourceSans font), SourceSansItalic (the SourceSans font style, but in Italic), Bodoni (the Bodoni font style), Garamond (the Garamond font style), Cartoon (the cartoon font style), code (the Code font style), Highway (the Highway font style), SciFi (the SciFi font style), Arcade (the Arcade font style), Fantasy (the Fantasy font style), Antique (the Antique font style), Gotham (the Gotham Book variant of the Gotham font), GothamSemibold (the Gotham Medium variant of the Gothan font), GothamBold (the Gotham Bold variant of the Gotham font), and GothamBlack (the Gotham Black variant of the Gotham font).

Apparently, you are able to change the Roblox font if you want. Please follow these following instructions if you want to change the Roblox font aphabet. The first thing that should be done is to right click on the Roblox shortcut in your desktop. Then, hit “Open File Location”. Now hit on Content and then Fonts. You can see all the Roblox fonts even though Roblox only uses some of them. Please cut these files. All that should be done is to make the backup folder for the files that you copied earlier. Then, paste everything into the folder. Please do not forget that you do not have to name your file backup. In the next step, you have to download your font. You are able to search Roblox fonts in There are a lot of Roblox fonts alphabet that you can pick. The examples of them have been mentioned above. Choose  the one Roblox font alphabet that you want to use and download it. Once you download it, please extract it. Now you have to rename the downloaded Roblox font to one of the font names in the backup folder. Afterward, copy and paste the renamed font file to the Roblox fonts folder. For example, if you renamed it into “Arial”, then you need to copy and paste the files other than Arial in the backup folder. When everything is done, it is time for you to check it and see if the font is different.

Please follow every instruction properly so you will be able to change the Roblox font without having any mistakes. For your information, the method of changing the Roblox font explained above was from a Youtube video created by Repletack Main. If you want to know more, it is better for you to watch everything directly from that channel.

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