How to Sell a House on Bloxburg

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Just like in real life, the house in the world of Bloxburg is the most important residence building. It is the place where the player lives. Wiki stated that the size of the house plot is 30×30 (900 units). Meanwhile, the size of the house plot with the Large Plot gamepass is 50×50 (2500 units).

The unique house building system of Bloxburg will allow all the players to place walls, furniture, vehicles, windows, and so on the plot so that you can make your own unique and original home. Some players of the game love to use the plots not just for houses, but for building restaurants, hotels, farms, small towns and villages, and more thanks to the detailed customization system.

Furthermore, by default, you can only build on the first floor, the multiple floors gamepass will allow you to build up to the 3rd floor, and the basement gamepass will allow you to build one floor underground. In addition, the owner of the plot can set the house permissions for people hey want to block or allow the access into the house.

There are six built houses available in the menu when either joining the game called Bloxburg for the very first time, after wiping the data, or purchasing the new house plot for B$ 300. All the pre built house are empty plot, Happy Home of Robloxia, Cozy Cottage, Peaceful Living, Classic Family Home, Small Suburban, and The Bloxington Mansion.

What if you want to sell a house on Bloxburg? Can do you do it? The sad news is no. You cannot just sell a house on Bloxburg. On the brighter side, you are able to sell everything in it. Will selling everything in it give you benefit? The answer to the question is yes. Even It would give you about 70% of its value. Even if it is not 100% of the value of the house, it is still much better that nothing. Before deciding to sell a house on Bloxburg, it is better for you to consider many things so you will not be regret and disappointed with your action in the future.

In conclusion, you are not allowed to sell a house on Bloxburg as per now and you are just allowed to sell everything in it instead. if you want Bloxburg to have the feature to sell a house, you can give the suggestion to the creator of the game. If they think it is such a good idea to have the feature of selling a house, they might willing to make the feature right away.

If you want to talk about this topic of selling a house on Bloxburg and the possibility of the feature of selling house, you can join the community of Roblox, the one that related to Bloxburg. There are a lot of members of the community that you can ask to discuss about this kind of thing. They might share the same mind as you so it would be easier to express the thought.

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