How to Say Curse Words in Roblox

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When we play games on access any other things in the internet, we have to be keep our attitude well. When you play games in Roblox, you may have a wish to utter curse words but you can do it because it there is filter in Roblox.

Before you decide to utter the bad words or curse words, you have to think twice. These bad words can bring you to a bad things in the future so that you have to say just good things. If you have idea to say curse words, just keep it in your heart without having to say it. In Roblox, actually there are principles that you have to obey as listed below.

  • You have to be friendly, patient and welcoming.
  • You have to be respectful.
  • You have to be careful in the words that you choose.
  • You have to try to understand why we disagree.

Why do we have to obey the rules? It is because if you say bad words or you act badly in the platform, it will bring you to the bad thing in your future. In addition, if you are angry and then say curse words in the game, it just wastes your energy.

In Roblox, all chat is filtered to prevent inappropriate content and personally identifiable information from being visible on the site. You are able to have different safety settings and experiences based on your age. If you are 12 and younger, you can have your posts and chats filtered for inappropriate content and to prevent personal information from being posted. If you are 13 and older, you have the ability to say more words and phrases than younger players.

Some people try to trick the filter of Roblox so that they are able to say curse words in the chat. Here are some ways that they do to say curse words in Roblox.

  • Misspelling the words

Because there is a filter, so you cannot say curse words. If you force to say the words, the words will show as hashtags. So, people try to trick it with misspelling the words. For example, the words ‘pills’ to be ‘piIIs’ where the are two capital I’s.

  • Using exploit

You can also say it by bypassing the filters entirely through exploits. Some exploits that can be used are Synapse or Veil. But, if you want to use exploit, it seems that it will cost money.

Even though there are several ways to say curse words in Roblox chat, but it is recommended for you not to do that because it is not impossible for you to be banned by Roblox if you get caught. It is better for you just say good word even though you really want to say the curse words. If you want to say curse words, just keep it for your goodness. Because if you can act and say good things, you will also receive good things from others.

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