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Emoji can be found in various forms including smile face, sad face, angry face, person who is doing sport, person who is dancing, fruits, food and many more. When you use Heart emoji, you maybe often use the same emoji such as the classic red emoji. But, do you know that actually Heart emoji is various?

Discord, same as other social media and sites, allows the users to be able to use emoji. Emoji can help you to utter your feelings so that it can look real. For example, when you want to express your love, you can send Heart emoji in the message that you will send.

Discord uses emoji via shortcodes that are shown as images from Twemoji. As of August 2018, emoji in Discord is limited to Emoji 3.0 (2016) whereas the latest Twemoji version can support up to Emoji 11.0 (2018). Emoji can be found in many colours including red, blue, purple, black brown, grey, yellow, green, pink, and even the red or pink one has many variations. In the list below, we inform you about the variations of Heart emoji in Twemoji that can be used in Discord.

  • Heart With Arrow. General Knowledge Questions and Answers 2019 This emoji consist f a heart emoji with an arrow through the center. It is like the arrow which cupid shoots for love.
  • Heart With Ribbon. It is a hearrt-shaped box which is tied with a ribbon.
  • Sparkling Heart. It is a pink love heart with start around it and it makes the heart look like it is sparkling or shimmering.
  • Growing Heart. This heart emoji is a pink heart with a slightly larger pink heart inside it.
  • Beating Heart. This emoji is a heart with vibration/ movement lines above it.
  • Revolving Hearts. This emoji is hearts which revolve around one or more other hearts.
  • Two Hearts. This emoji is two pink love hearts which is one is larger than the other. It can be used to express that love is in the air.
  • Heart Decoration. This emoji is a decorative heart where there is a heart in a square.
  • Heavy Heart Exclamation. It is a decorative exclamation mark where a heart forms the top part of the symbol and also a circle in the lower part.
  • Broken Heart. This emoji is a love heart which is broken in two.
  • Red Heart. This emoji is a classic love heart that is used to express love.
  • Orange Heart. This form of this emoji is like the classic red but it is in orange color.
  • Yellow Heart. This emoji is a yellow or gold colored love heart.
  • Green Heart. This is the same as classic red love heart emoji but in green color.
  • Blue Heart. This emoji is the same as classic red heart but it is in blue color.
  • Purple Heart. This emoji is a purple heart same as classic red heart.
  • Brown Heart. This emoji is same as classic red heart but it is in brown color.
  • Black Heart. This emoji is a heart shaded completely black to express sorrow.
  • White Heart. This emoji is a white heart to accompany other hearts.

From the Heart emojis above, which one is your favorite? Now, you can use other heart emojis not only the red one.

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