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D-D-D-D-Drop the Bass is known as the catchphrase associated with the drop or the climatic point in the electronic music track characterized by the sudden switch of rhythm in the bass line after the progressive build up. This one started to become incorporated into some diffrent image macros and animated GIFs during the rise of the electronic dance music or EDM genre in the popular music, especially dubstep, starting in the early 2010s.

While the exact origin of the D-D-D-D-Drop the Bass is still unknown, the drop has been used as the technical term among the electrical music producers since as early as the late 1990s. For your information, the earliest known usage of the phrase as the title of the electronic dance song is able to be attributed to German DJ Rocco’s 2002 track entitled Drop the Bass.

The expression remained relatively obscure until D-D-D-D-Drop the Bass was popularized with the rise of dubstep and EDM music in the late 2000s. In January 2011, the EDM producer named Skrillex released the remix of the song called Cinema. The lyric of the D-D-D-D-Drop the Bass is able to be heard immediately before the drop portion of the track.

A user of the Urban Dictionary known as ajbguitar123 submitted the entry for “D-D-D-D-Drop the Bass” on January 17, 2012, which credited Cinema remix by Skrillex with popularizing the phrase. On June 15, 2013, a user of Reddit named Jack100ney submitted the animated GIF of the man struggling to hold the big fish with the caption “Drop the Bass” to the gift subreddit, where this one accumulated upwards of 2,400 votes prior to being archived.

For those the Roblox players who are interested in this catchphrase and want to have it featured in your favorite Roblox game, your wish can come true with the help of the new feature of adding song offered by Roblox. In order to use this feature, you have to find the Roblox ID of D-D-D-D-Drop the Bass first. Where can you find the Roblox ID of D-D-D-D-Drop the Bass?

There are some places that you can visit to find the Roblox ID of D-D-D-D-Drop the Bass. The most recommended one is no one than the official website of Roblox. Aside from the official website of Roblox, you can also use some sites that provide the information about the Roblox ID such as Roblox ID and Music Coder. All the sites will not ask you to log in to the site to get the access so you can just go straight to the Search bar and type “D-D-D-D-Drop the Bass” as the keyword. Please press Enter to get the result shown. Apparently, there is only one Roblox ID that relates to D-D-D-D-Drop the Bass, it is 130777688.

You can use that Roblox ID of D-D-D-D-Drop the Bass mentioned above if you want to have the song named D-D-D-D-Drop the Bass featured in your favorite Roblox game. Enjoy your time playing the game while hearing the D-D-D-D-Drop the Bass.

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