How Many People Play Roblox Daily?

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Now, we can say that Roblox is one of online gaming platform which is successful. We can see that a lot of people play games in this platform and they really enjoy everything in the platform. A lot of things that can be explored by Robloxians in Roblox so that from time to time the amount of people who play games in this platform always increases.

Features in Roblox are not boring. It consists of various things that can be enjoyed by users and also the genres of game are various. The genre of the games in Roblox ranging from horror, medieval, FPS, RPG, Sci-fi, military, naval, town and city, and even fighting can be found in this game. What about the games? Do not ask about that because in Roblox you will be able to find millions games with different and fun challenges. Jailbreak, Welcome to Bloxburg, Lifting Simulator, Royale High, Mad City, Murder Mistery, MeepCity, Booga Booga, Bee Swarm Simulator, and Water Park World are some popular games that you can find and play in Roblox.

Because this online gaming platform is very popular, you maybe want to know about how many people play games in Roblox daily. This information is important to know because now Roblox becomes one of the biggest online gaming platforms that is often accessed by kids and adults. Based on an article which was published on The Verge site on August 2019, Roblox now surpasses MInecraft where Roblox has 100 million monthly players. As we know that several years ago, this online gaming platform can have about 50 million monthly players and now it grows well.

So, from this number we can calculate the average number of the daily players of Roblox is about 3.3 million players. This is a fantastic number of active players in an online gaming platform. By having 100 monthly active players, the company then celebrated it by releasing an exclusive, limited edition accessory for players which are able to be redeemed for free.

The CEO of Roblox, David Baszucki, said that Roblox started with just 100 players and a handful of creators who were able to inspired one another, unlocking this groundswell of creativity, collaboration and imagination that continues to grow.

Roblox has been slowly building its user base since the game first launched in 2005 and it was about four years before Minecraft, one of its biggest competitors, appeared. In recent years, Roblox has become increasingly popular. Even the game has a big following on Youtube, and was even parodied in a Kanye West music video where he and Lil Pump dressed up as Roblox avatars.

Based on the Roblox site, you are able to check that now Roblox has 28 billion hours played since 2008, 1.2 billion total engagement hours each month, 2.7 million peak concurrent users and also 150 million dollars paid to the community developers. This success cannot be gained in a short period. However, they go on processing to be better and better and grow bigger and bigger to be one of the best online gaming platform in the world.

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