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Breaking Point is one of horror games in Roblox which has been played by million people. If you like playing horror games, this game is recommended to play. Now, we are going to inform you about Animations in this game. You maybe need information about this.

In Breaking Point game, animations are able to change the sitting position of the player in game. Some animations like slouch, can permit people to be less visible providing an advantage in certain game modes like Breaking Point and Who Did It.

  • Lean. The player can lean their head on their elbow. Lean is able to express smugness paided with certain faces.Chill. The player is able to take a more relaxed position with their arms around their head and feet on the table.
  • L-. The player can squat in their seat. The animation will look rather uncomfortable to hold for extended periods of time.
  • Sleep. The player can rest their head and arm on the table taking a resting position.
  • Tuck. The player can sit in their seat with their legs crossed but one knee is pulled up.
  • Sway. Sway contains the most movement out of all animations because of the fact that the player using it will constantly sway left to right.
  • Rebel. Players can use rebel so that they will up on their chair and occasionally sway their legs. For your information, rebel is the most expensive animation and is often paired with raincloud.

If you want to watch a video about Breaking Point Animation on Youtube, you are able to watch a video of zluq2 entitled Roblox Breaking Point All Animations Showcase + Raincloud Effect and Light Torso Color. This video was uploaded on August 25th, 2018 and now it has been watched more than 34K times. You can watch it to see how are the animations in Breaking Points are. The duration of the video is 5 minutes 39 seconds.

For you who do not know about this game, Breaking Point is a horror game which was created by Paradox on February 8th, 2017. When this article was being made, the last update of this game was on August 4th, 2019. This horror game can be played by 16 maximum players in each server.  Until now, this game has been visited more than  154.4 million times. This game has been favorited more than 1.3 million times and it has more than 445K likes. From these numbers, you can see that a lot of Roblox users like playing this game.

In Breaking Point game, you are able to play it with other players because it is a multiplayer game. In the game, players will sit in a table and they will try to kill each other. The winner of the game is the last standing player. In this game, you are able to find several game modes and those are Russian Roulette, Everything, Musical Chairs, Who Did It, Duck Duck Stab, Free For All, Juggernaut, Hot Potato, BP Pillars, Duel Vote, Breaking Point, Gunslinger, Kill Row, and A Turn For The Worst.

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