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One of the gamepasses on the game called Welcome to Bloxburg is named the Multiple Floors. This one will let you to build up to three floors. On top of that, it also will make your house even more awesome. The main goal of this gamepass is to give you access to the second and third floors, compared to only 1.

How much do you have to spend for Bloxburg Multiple Floors gamepass? As it costs 300 Robux, so you will have to spend 300 Robux in order to get this gamepass. Apparently, this gamepass shares the same price as another gamepass of Bloxburg named Excellent Employee. For those who do not have any slightly idea about Excellent Employee, this one is the name of the gamepass that makes you a truly excellent employee, increasing both your earning and how often you get promoted. Basically, it will be able to increase earnings and speed of promotion. You will be bale to get about 50% to 55% more and get promoted much faster.

Aside from the Multiple Floors and Excellent Employee, there are some other gamepasses on Welcome to Bloxburg. The rest are Premium, Unlocked Stereo, Advanced Placing, Large Plot, and Basements.

If you purchase the Premium, you will be able to get halved bills, double daily rewards, the special nametag, and the ability to select your plot and access to the upcoming exclusive premium features. If you purchase the Unlocked Stereo, you will be allowed to play any Roblxo Sound in the game, create the custom playlists, access vehicle radios and use the DJ booth at BEAT. both Premium and Unlocked Stereo cost 400 Robux. They are the most expensive gamepasses of the game.

The gamepass called Large Plot will help you to increase the size of the plots to 50×50 from 30×30, making it possible to build even larger houses. If you want to purchase this gamepass, you have to spend 250 Robux. The Advanced Placing will make it possible to place the objects without collision checks in the Build Mode. On the other words, they can be placed inside every other. Basically, it will allow you to place objects in the tight spaces and will also allow the objects to collide with each other or be super close to each other. The price of this gamepass is 200 Robux. The Basements is the one gamesspass that will allow you to build basements. You will be able to get the access to build the floor below ground. It is quite similar with Multiple Floors so do not be confused. This gamepass is the cheapest gamepass of the game with only 100 Robux.

For further information about the gamepass named Multiple Floors and the other gamepasses of Welcome to Bloxburg, you can visit the official website of Roblox. Aside from that, its page on Wiki also can be a help. If it is needed, you are able to contact the developer of the game and join the community of Welcome to Bloxburg.

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