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The game called Welcome to Bloxburg has two currencies. The first one is the money ($) and the second one is Blockbux (B$). This article will mainly focused on Blockbux and how to get this currency. However, it will also give the brief information about another currency of Bloxburg called Money.

Blockbux can be used for some things, such as purchasing the exclusive items in the build mode, buying the additional house slots, buying the additional outfit slots, boosting mood for B$25, and fertilizing plants.

Then, how to get Blockbux? There are two ways of earning Blockbux. The first one is logging in to the game in order to collect the daily rewards (day 5) and the second one is purchasing with Robux. Feel free to use any method that you want to get this currency. Here is the comparison of Blockbux and Robux:

1. B$ 50 = R$ 20

2. B$ 250 = R$ 90

3. B$ 500 = R$ 160

4. B$ 2,500 = R$ 700

5. B$ 5,000 = R$ 1,300

6. B$ 25,000 = R$ 6,000

If you want to know about Blockbux and Money, 1 Blockbux is equivalent to 20 Money. It is based on the Robux values for the first offers. However, this currency named Blockbux is more rare so the amounts are not very proportional. Basically, 1 Money is equivalent to 0.05 Blockbux, 1 Robux is equivalent to 50 Money or 2.5 Blockbux, 1 U.S. Cent is about 80/99 Robux, or 200/99 Blockbux, or 4000/99 Money, and 1 U.S. Dollar is about 8000/99 Robux, or 20000/99 Blockbux, or 400000/99 Money.

This paragraph will talk about Money. Money is able to be used for purchasing most build mode items, purchasing food and drink, purchasing plants, paying house bills, and donating to the other players. While there are only two methods to get Blockbux, you will be able to use five methods to earn Money. All the methods are working at a job, logging in to collect daily rewards (days 1 to 4), selling items, receiving donations from the other players, and purchasing with Robux.

Here is the comparison of Money ($) and Robux (R$):

1. $ 1000 = R$ 20

2. $ 5,000 = R$ 90

3. $ 10,000 = R$ 160

4. $ 50,000 = R$ 700

5. $ 100,000 = R$ 1,300

6. $ 500,000 = R$ 6,000

You are able to boost your earnings when earning money if you have the game pass named Excellent Employee which makes it easier to earn money. If you want to donate the money to the other players, you are able to do it, but they must have the access to the game for at least 24 hours (your offline time is also counted towards the time). If you want to donate the cash, there is the cooldown between the amounts you can donate. For further information about Blockbux, how to get it, and the other things, please visit the source like Wiki.

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