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If you want to do an exploit in a game, you will need the script. Pastebin is one of place where you are able to find Roblox games scripts. This site is usually used by programmers to save and share their codes or sources but of course gamers are also welcomed to find script there.

You may want to find the script for Wanted Roblox games in pastebin but you are not sure that you can find it there. Okay, let’s talk about the game first. Wanted is a game in Roblox which was created by Oasis Games. This game was created on June, 4th, 2017 and as of October 18th, 2019, this game was last updated on June 26th, 2019. This game is able to be played by 24 players in each server and until now, this game has been visited more than 9.7 million times. This game also has been favorited more than 181k times and liked more than 45k times.

Wanted is a realistic open roam city  game and here you are able to take on one of several exciting roles. The roles which are available in this game range from Law Enforcer to a dirty Mafioso and even here you are able to earn your place in the city. In this game, you also have chances to buy game passes such as Panther 357 Alanti & 10,000 Gold & 2 Weeks Premium for R$ 3599; Ruby Kagami Motorcycle & PP 2000 & 3,500 Gold for R$ 499; and 1,450 Gold & 2 Premium Days & $50,000 for R$ 249.

If you try to search Wanted script in pastebin, you will find this:

if GAMEMODE.Name == “DarkRP” then

if LocalPlayer() : isWanted() then

local col = Color(255, 0, 0 math.Clamp(math.cos(RealTime()*4)*125, 0, 1250))


surface.DrawRect(xy.x, xy.y, self:GetWide(), self:GetTall())

You can visit pastebin.com for finding more detail of this script. There is not much information whether this script is for the Wanted game in Roblox or not. But, if you search in Youtube, you will find a video of Sir Meme entitled Wanted | Hack / Script | Unlimited Cash GUI which was published on August 3rd, 2018. Now, this video has been watched more than 10k times. In the video, he shows how he use the Wanted GUI that he shares in the pastebin. In the pastebin.com, you are able to find this as Wanted GUI and here it is.


He opens the Wanted game and then he also open Synapse. After that he pastes the script to the Synapse. When the game loads, you have to attach the Synapse.

So, if you want, you are able to use this script. However, if we talk about hack or exploit, you need to be careful with being banned. Some people have tried this script and then they got banned. Actually, doing exploit is not allowed. However, some people still try to do this. So, it is better for you not to use exploit since it can make your account banned. Just play fairly and make yourself win.

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