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For those who are looking for the information about Roblox ID for Awaken Pillar Men, now you are able to keep reading this article because here in this article you will be able to find out the information regarding Awaken Pillar Men Roblox ID.

The Pillar Men are four powerful humanoids that serve as the primary antagonistic force in Battle Tendency. Their origin is unknown, but they are over 10,000 years old. They were named like this once Robert Speedwagon, while searching for the origin of the Stone Mask, found one of them in Mexico bound to a large pillar, along with dozens of stone masks. The Nazis of the time found the remaining three in Europe, and sent troops for securing the one in Mexico, hoping to study them to make a powerful war machine. In the long past, it is estimated that there were at most a few thousand Pillar Men to exist until Kars and Esidisi eradicated most of them once they disaproved Kars’ quest for immortality. Because they were considered to be superior beings in comparison to other organisms, Pillar Men and their brethren did not feel the need to procreate as much as other organisms.

You have to know that they have lots of powers and abilities, which include super strength, high immortality, absorb and feed on other living beings by only touching them, entering other living beings’ bodies, restoring lost body parts by attaching parts from humans and the ability to bend and manipulate their bodies into any form. For your information, their only weaknesses are sunlight and Hamon (Ripple), a form of life energy generated by using a breathing technique that mastered by the members of the Hamon Clan.

To overcome their weaknesses, Kars, the leader of the Pillar Men, made Stone Masks that will enable them to evolve and become the ultimate life forms. But, the masks did not work on superior beings like them. It only work on humans (like Dio), who became the vampires with similar but less powerful abilities. To make the masks work on them, so they sought a perfectly cut gemstone, “the Red Stone of Aja” which can send concentrated energy from light into the mask, powering it. Finally, they discovered “the Red Stone of Aja”, but the Hamon Clan got it before them, and after a long fight the Pillar Men were put into hibernation, and the Hamon Clan destroyed. In 1938, they awoke from their slumber and resumed their search for “the Red Stone of Aja”.

So, how about the Roblox ID for Awaken Pillar Men? We are sure that you are very curious to know Awaken Pillar Men Roblox ID. Do not be sad, now we are going to inform you about that. Please remember that Roblox ID for Awaken Pillar Men is 627848963. Now, you are able to add into a game you want to play in Roblox. Of course, it will be interested when you can listen to the song of Awaken Pillar Men while you are playing the game.

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