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When you try to launch Roblox or try to play a game on Roblox, sometimes there is a problem. When a problem appears, it is annoying for sure. Moreover, if we are very eager in playing a game but then we cannot do that because there is an error.

What do you usually do to fix an issue in Roblox? The basic thing that you have to when you face an issue in Roblox is rebooting your device or you can also delete the Roblox apps in your device and then install it again. But, these simple methods does not always work in every issue. Sometimes, you need another method to fix it.

To be able to fix an issue in Roblox, it is better for you to find the causes of the issue. If you can find the issue of the error that happen, then it will be easy to fix it because you will fix it based on the cause. And when you fix an issue based on a cause, the method of fixing it will strict to the point.

What problem are you facing now on Roblox? One of the problem that you can face in Roblox is getting an error message which says that you are failed download or apply critical settings and then the message ask you to check your internet connection. If it happens to you now, so based on the message that you read, you are able to try to check the internet connection. You can go to Windows Defender Firewall and there will be several things that you have to change. You are able to watch the video tutorial of fixing this error in a video of Scoothy whose title of the video is Failed to Download or Apply Critical Settings, Please Check your Internet – Roblox which was published on June 1st, 2019. Now, this video has been watched more than 947 times. In the video, you can see that after he changes several things in the Firewall, he can play game on Roblox again and the error message does not appear anymore which means that the problem is fixed.

This error can happen probably because of the general desktop issue. Some symptoms that you will face when you get this error is that Roblox cannot be found by your browser, there is an endless install loop which means that you are directed to install Roblox even after you have done it and Roblox crashes when you try to connect an online game or open a place. An error which says that you have to apply critical settings is probably part of this issue.

This error can happen because there is another program which is still running while installing, firewall is preventing Roblox from opening, temporary files are broken or other Roblox files have been broken.

So, if it happens to you, as we mentioned above, you can start fixing it by rebooting your device. If it does not work, you can reset internet options for windows, clear your temporary internet files, check your firewall, reinstall Roblox or update internet explorer.

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