Why is Linkmon99 the Richest Player in Roblox

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Linkmon99 is the name of the player who is primarily known for being the richest player in Roblox or for being the highest valued trader of limited items on the platform on the single account, with the combined Recent Average Price of all his items totaling around 48,000,000 Robux in RAP.

Aside from that Linkmon99 is also popular for his Youtube channel with more than 350,000 subscribers (featuring gameplay, vlogs, and trading guides) and some of the games that he developed on the site that were well-known in the past.

Recently, the account named Linmon99 has started the new community of Roblox site named RbxCity alongside Merely. This one is intended to be the safe and reliable site that is mainly dedicated to the limited trading. Due to the effort of Merely, Trade Hangout 3.0 is also currently using RbxCiy as the reference for the community based values and has the special thing for players in the fan group of Linkmon.

Linkmom89 is really popular. However, it cannot be separated with the issue. In January of 2019, he live streamed a Roblox gift card giveaway each time he reached the certain amount of subscribers. At that time, there was a small Youtuber called Suflet and his best friends figured out that you are able to voice chat with Linkmon in the Discord stream chat by donating $5.99 in the stream. That small Youtuber had the idea to troll and run the live stream of Linkmon by spouting profanity while knowing how young his average viewer was. Once he donated $5.99 and joined the live stream chat record, he began to annoy Linkmon by dropping mild language bombs, one by one rapidly. He did it three times, in which two on his main account (that was banned from the stream chat discord) and one on the new account. This case caused the live stream of Linkmon to be demonetized and he lost money. Right after the video was shared by Suflet, some fans of Linkmon decided to talk hate at him. One comment said that the issue was a big deal saying that Linkmon lost money because of that hope he get hit by a car. Linkmon really wishes this kind of incident never happens again in the future.

Due to that accident, on July 8, 2019, the Roblox account of Linkmon was terminated for the short period of time due to supposedly being the alt account of the user by the name of dawdadad22d2d. Linkmon’s friend says that he may had been exposed to the public WiFi connection leading to him being matched with the IP address of the user’s account, who was potentially the hacker or the scammer. It caused the moderators of Roblox to take the action and terminate all users within the internet, including the account of Linkmon99. In the end, Linkmon broke the silence saying he had been in the hotel using the public WiFi service and to keep calm since he had contacted Roblox administrators. Fortunately, Roblox unbanned his account on behalf of the moderator’s fault.

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