Who is the Second Richest Player in Roblox

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Everyone knows that the richest player in Roblox is no one than Roblox. What about the second one? Do you ever wonder who is the second richest player in Roblox? For those who are wondering, you will be able to find your curiosity by reading the details below.

The second richest player in Roblox is Linkmon98. Linkmon98 is known as the name of the Roblox player who is primarily known for being the highest valued trader of limited items on the platform on the single account, with the combined RAP or Recent Average Price of all his items totalling around 48,000,000 in RAP.

Even though Linkmon98 is the richest individual user on the platform in the terms of limited items, he is technically #2 for account value due to the Roblox account itself owning much more limited items, and #4 if the alternate accounts of Shedletsky and Aminish are considered.

Furthermore, Linkmon98 is also popular for his Youtube channel with more than 350,000 subsrcibers and some of the games he developed on the site which were popular back then. His Youtube channel features gameplay, vlogs, and trading guides. Linkmon98 has some alternate accounts known as p3q and Newington, which is currently banned.

Lately, Linkmon98 has began the new Roblox community site called RbxCity alongside Merely. This community is intended to be the secure and reliable site that is mainly dedicated to limited trading. Due to the involvement of Merely, the thing called Trade Hangout 3.0 is also currently using RbxCity as the reference for community based values and has the special room for players in the fan group of Linkmon98.

Talking about Linkmon98, there was an incident happened in the past. In January of 2019, he live streamed a Roblox gift card giveaway every time he reached the certain amount of subscribers. At the same time, the small Youtuber known as Suflet and his best friends figured out that you are able to voice chat with Linkmon98 in the Discord stream chat by donating $5.99 in the stream. That Youtuber had an idea to troll and ruin the live stream of Linkmon98 by spouting profanity while not knowing how young his average viewer was.

Once a Youtuber named Suflet donated the amount of money and joined stream chat discord, he began to annoy dropping n word bombs one by one rapidly. He did it like 3 times, 2 on his main account and 1 on a new one. This chaos caused the stream of Linkmon98 to be demonetized and lost money.

After the video of the chaos was published by Suflet, a few (but not some) fans of Linkmon98 decided to throw hate at him. One of them proved that the incident was a big thing saying that Linkmon98 lost money and hope he get his by a car. Linkmon98 does not want the incident like this to happen again. Apparently, the original uploader has deleted the video, however, a reupload can be found somewhere.

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