When is Bloxburg Going to Be Free

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Welcome to Bloxburg is known as the strategic life simulation Roblox game. This one was developed by the developer named Coeptus. The game is the simulation of the daily activities of one virtual in the household near the fictional city. Since the release of the beta version in the year of 2016, this game has amassed more than 1 billion visits and almost 4.5M favorites, despite the fact that it is currently available as paid access for 25 Robux for a few years.

Some people compare Welcome to Bloxburg to another popular game named the Sims. It looks similar but can look different as well. If you look at the gameplay of the game, the purpose of this game is to build and design your very own dream houses, get money, roleplay, explore the city, and hang out with friends. Apparently, there are two types of the currency on Welcome to Bloxburg. The first one is Money and the second one is Blockbux.

You surely need a lot of money if you want to play Welcome to Bloxburg. There are several things that should be purchased. Aside from the Money and the Robux, you will need to purchase the gamepass. What is the gamepass?

Gamepasses can be defined as the permanent boosts that can be bought with Robux. Every gamepass grants a separate advantage in the game. Currently, Welcome to Bloxburg has seven gamepasses, including Excellent Employee, Premium, Multiple Floors, Unlocked Stereo, Advanced Placing, Large Plot, and Basements. Premium and Unlocked Stereo cost 400 Robux. Excellent Employee and Multiple Floor costs 300 Robux. Large lot costs 250 Robux, Advanced Placing costs 200 Robux. As for the Basements, this one costs only 100 Robux.

As not all people can afford everything, some people must be wondering when is Bloxburg going to be free. The answers of the question are different. Here are some of the opinions of Roblox players. Apparently, Welcome to Bloxburg is in it’s Beta phase. It means that this one is still not a game that is ready to be published. Once the game has been fully released, it will be free for the public. The creator of the game stated that this game is currently the undone piece and for that to be free released, it need funds in order to devote the creator time into making updates to it. Therefore, this one is only accessible to people who pay. Aside from that reason, some people believe that the game stays in Beta version as this version can attract more players. Even though it is not very exciting, this one is such a great one for roleplay.

For the update of the Welcome to Bloxburg, you can follow the developer of the game. do not miss any single update as the developer might release the game for free anytime even on unexpected time. Aside from that, you can also get the update from the page of Welcome to Bloxburg on Wiki.

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