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When we join in a community, usually there are some terms or words that we do not understand since the words are used specifically to explain something in the community. In Roblox community, you may often heard some words which are not familiar such as Oders, comped, Oof, PG, disc and many more. So, what are they?

To be able to understand what people say in Roblox community, you need to know the meaning of the terms. Have you heard about ‘Disc’ in Roblox? When you hear or read this word for the first time, you may not have any idea what it means. Actually, if we talk about the word ‘Disc’, it can mean anything. Here are the various meanings of Disc in Roblox.

  • Disc: Description

Disc can mean description. Usually, you will see this term in a group in Roblox or in a Roblox video in Youtube. They will say ‘you can get the link in the disc’. So, the word ‘disc’ here means ‘description’. But, the most people make a short of ‘description’ as ‘desc’.

  • Disc: Discord

Disc can also a short for Discord. Roblox players may promote their Discord in chat, message, group or forum and they easily say ‘you can join with our Disc’. So, the word ‘disc’ here means Discord.

Now, you will not be wrong again in understanding what Roblox players mean by saying the word. However, there may be the other meanings of the word ‘desc’ in Roblox. To find out, you are able to ask other players whether there is another meaning of it or not. You are also able to join a forum of Roblox or Discord to know about it.

Well, besides this word, there is also other terms in Roblox that you need to know. Some of them are as listed below. Some of these words may have been heard by you.

  • DevHunt. This word is used for Egg Hunts which take place in multiple races.
  • ODer. This word is short for Online Dater and it is often used for Roblox players who simply looks like a stereotypical online dater without actually partaking in the act.
  • PG. This word is short for Password Guessed. So, in Roblox, there is an action which is done by irresponsible players where they try to guess others’ account passwords so that they are able to access the account. So, you have to be careful with it.
  • Oof. This word is used when something negative has happened. This is also a Roblox Death Sound.
  • Bypass. This word describes any asset such as audio, clothing, decals and others that violates the Roblox Community Rules but otherwise manages to get past initinial moderation screening.
  • Comped. This word is a short for compromised.
  • LV. This word is a filter bypass for ‘love’. However, this word can also be short for ‘level’ in games with a leveling system.

So, you are able to learn this first to avoid misunderstanding with other Roblox players when you chat with them.

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