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In a game called Ultimate Driving Westover, money is the currency which can be found in every UD game ever made. According to Wiki, the money system has not changed ever since; driving a vehicle would gain you a certain amount of money per mile (1.6 km) in game. for the racing update, this one is now complemented by the XP system, that allows you to unlock vehicles on some teams after you reach a particular rank.

Each new user or a user who has never joined the Ultimate Driving Westover before will get $ 10,000 to start with. The money can be used for vehicles and gas. Aside from that, it also can be used to pay for customization upgrades such as boost and to pay off fines and bounty. There are some starting vehicles like GMC Vandura and Syclone that you can buy with that kind of money. Another option is to save the money by sticking with the two free cards named Ford Crown Victoria and Pontiac G8. If a certain player joins the game during the special free car giveaway such as the Rebranding Update Weekend, they are able to purchase a limited edition free vehicle.

For those who are not familiar, money is shown in the top right leaderboard, seen in a lot of Roblox games. This one automatically saves from leaving the game, to earning money, and losing money. The users with the highest amount of money are shown at the top of the leaderboard.

Apparently, a thing called money is able to be donated to the other players. The amount used to be capped at the total balance of the sending user but due to the abuse of the donation system, restrictions are now in effect. There are some limits or requirements. First, you are not allowed to donate more than 35% of your balance. Second, you are not allowed to donate less than $5. Third, your balance after donating cannot be less than $10,000. Fourth, you are not allowed to donate more than $1,000 at a time. Fifth, there is a 20 second cooldown in order to prevent accidental repeat donations.

There is a script related to Ultimate Driving Westover money. This script is able to be found on a site name Pastebin. When it comes to the script, this site is the best as it is easy to access, especially when it does not require you to log in. Here is the script of Ultimate Driving Westover money as taken from Pastebin:

local GGGGGGGGGGGG,AAAAAAAAAAAA=pcall(function()

for a,b in pairs(debug.getregistry()) do

    if type(b) == “table” then

        if b.Horsepower then




        b.Redline = 25500

        b.TurboEnabled = true

        b.BrakeForce = 15000





if not GGGGGGGGGGGG then


For details information about the script of Ultimate Driving Westover money, do not hesitate to visit the official website of Pastebin. If you have any question, you might want to find the answer by joining the community of Ultimate Driving Westover.

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