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This Is America is known as the song written by the rapper from America named Childish Gambino. The one was written by some writers such as Donald Glover, Ludwig Goransson, and Jeffery Lamar Williams and produced by the producers named Glover and Goransson. The song was released for the first time on May 5, 2018 at the same time the rapper was hosting the day’s episode of Saturday Night Live.

This Is America has background vocals by another American rapper named Young Thug (who also has writing credit as Williams), Slim Jxmmi, BlocBoy JB, Quavo, and 21 Savage. What is the This Is America about? The track talks about the wider issue of the gun violence in the United States, the high rate of the mass shootings in the United States, along with longstanding racism and discrimination against African Americans.

For all the Roblox players who love the song called This Is America and want to have the song featured in Roblox, fortunately, everything will be possible with the help of the feature of adding audio offered by Roblox. In order to make it possible, you will need to find the Roblox ID of This Is America.

There are some websites that provide the music Roblox ID. Two of the most recommended are Roblox ID and Music Coder (formerly Blox Music). A lot of Roblox players prefer both of them as they are easy to access. On top of that, you will not be asked to log into the site to get the access. The first thing that you have to do is no one than going to the site. When you are there, you are able to either scroll down through the list of the music Roblox ID or use the Search bar and type “This Is America” as the keyword. The result will be shown after hitting the Search or Enter button.

The results will show you some music Roblox IDs related to the song named This Is America. Some of them are 1937878332 and 1760384125. You can use any Roblox ID of This Is America that you want. If you want to add the Roblox song ID of This Is America by Childish Gambino to Roblox, firstly, you have to choose the game that you want to added the song. Then, check whether the game that you choose is available to use this feature. If it is possible, please enter the Roblox ID of This Is America. After that, please re-check if it is the right Roblox ID that you just added. In the last step, you can hit the Play button to have to song played right away.

If you are so into Childish Gambino and need some other Roblox IDs of the songs by the singer, some of the Roblox IDs are 258490061(Freak and Geeks), 143324399 (Heartbeat), 888756033 (Redbone), 150690006 (Telegraph Ave), 184895279 (Zealots of Stockholm), and many more. Feel free to use any Roblox IDs of the songs by Childish Gambino that you want.

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