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Trouble Terrorist Town or Terrorist Town Roblox or just TTT is known as the gamemode for Garry’s Mod. This one is about the group of terrorists who have traitors among them, out to kill every other innocent terrorist.

At the beginning of the round, one in four players is randomly chosen to be the traitor, unknown to the other players who are not traitors themselves. Because the traitors are in the minority, they are able to acquire specialized equipment in order to dispatch innocents discretely. The secondary innocent group is also called as the detectives that are picked once in every eight players. Apparently, every player is armed with a DNA scanner, the ability to see who the player last saw and their own menu to acquire the specialized equipment in order to find who the traitors are.

For the innocents, the thing called knowledge is the power. So, who is acting strangely? Who is able to be linked to the evidence found on corpses? Who is the one who still alive? The round will end if either the group is wiped out or if the time ends. In which case, all the innocents win.

You are able to find the similar small tutorial text in the game called Terrorist Town Roblox by pressing F1. People will direct you to it if you tell them that you do not know how the game works. Once again, please press F1.

The tutorial of Terrorist own Roblox starts from the basics. Basically, it is all about innocents versus traitors. The small group or traitors will be randomly picked. All of them have to kill all the innocent. The innocents do not have an idea who is the traitor and who is not. Therefore, the traitors must use this fact because they are outnumbered.

The second thing is about the death. Please keep in mind that if you die, you will not respawn until the next round. For your information, the innocents will not know you are dead until they find the corpse. It goes terrorists > death > missing in action > found > confirmed dead. It is stated that the corpses may have the information that leads to the killer.

In the game named Terrorist Town Roblox, the traitors are able to buy the special equipment. All the equipment menu is able to be opened by pressing C. All the innocent players who were chosen as the detectives may also buy the special detective equipment, that can help the to find the traitors.

For those the innocent, please do not kill too easily. In fact, killing the other innocents costs you a lot of points and karma. So, make sure that you are shooting the traitor. As the traitor, it is better for you to hind the body. All the innocents get the valuable information from the corpses. You can try to use the Flare gun from the shop. As the detective, go search the bodies. All the innocents are able to see and use the results you find by holding the TAB key and clicking on the name of the dead body.

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