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Super Super Happy Face is known as the limited unique face. This one was published in the Roblox Catalog by Roblox on September 4, 2016. The item could be purchased for 100 Robux. 31,784 copies have been sold since the first time its release. As per March 26, 2019, there are only 20,794 copies exist and it has been favorited 96,447 times.

The appearance of the Super Super Happy Face is the face making the happy expression with the closed eyes. There are three pink diagonal lines in total on every cheek, most likely a blush. Everything looks lovely and cheerful.

This paragraph consists of the trivia of Super Super Happy Face. Super Super Happy Face is commonly used in the artwork for a lot of games and groups. For instance, the thumbnail of Azure Mines included it when the Daily Gift update was released. This item is the most favorited limited face. Apparently, the notable wearer of this face is forsaken. There is a player called Chamintly that once owned 243 copies of this face.

If you want to purchase Super Super Happy Face, fortunately, this face is still available for sale. You can just go straight to the Roblox Catalog and type “Super Super Happy Face” as the keyword. Upon hitting the Search or Enter button, you will be able to see the item named Super Super Happy Face. As stated before, the item could be purchased for 100 Robux. Right now, the best price of the item offered by Roblox is R$ 14,299. It is really the best price as the resellers of the item offer higher prices. If you want to compare, some of the resellers and the prices they offer are Selvoids (R$ 14,299). Alexxk5 (R$ 14,300), IIIGot2BEWavey (R$ 15,000), MLKakeruML (R$ 15,500), skeletic (R$ 15,500), Proclamation (R% 15,549), WavyyVibex (R$ 15,550), FTW_4v (R$ 15,700), ItookBeneresHair (R$ 15,714), DevilishXolia (R$ 15,714), and so on.

Can you get Super Super Happy Face for free? The sad news is that there is no free version of super Super Happy Face. As stated before, the best price of this item is R$ 14,299. You can just get that one offered by Roblox. If you do not have enough money, do not ever tempted to try the hack or the similar thing as it usually will not give you the real item and will just scam you instead. If you really want the item, you can try to save money. It does not matter even if it takes such a long time to buy the item.

When your saving has met the price of the Super Super Happy Face, then it is time for you to purchase it. In the page of Super Super Happy Roblox, there is the green Buy button. Please press that button and you will be taken to Log In page. By completing all the steps, you will be able to purchase the item named Super Super Happy Face.

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