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In Roblox, you are able to find any types of accessories to customize your avatar. Hats, glasses, shawl, necklace, and even wings can be found in the Roblox catalog. You are able to buy them by using Robux. So, if you have a lot of Robux in your balance, you are able to buy accessories as many as you want.

You may want the look of you avatar like an angel so that you think that it is better if your avatar wears wings. Well, you can find wings which can make your avatar look like an angel. The wings are Sparkling Angel Wings. The wings is a back accessory and it was published into the Roblox catalog on December 26th, 2014. This item can be bought for R$ 1,000. Until April 17th, 2019, this item has been bought 283,240 times and has been favorited 117,349 times.

Sparkling Angel Wings features a pair of blueish white feathery wings which emit Sparkles in-game. If you check this item now in the Roblox catalog, in the description section there is a sentence which says that your light shines through – in the form of sparkles. Now, this wings has been favorited more than 152,700 times and the Roblox ID of the wings is 192557913.

If you buy this wings and then your avatar wear this, your avatar will look cool and he/ she will look like an angel. You are also able to mix and match this back accessories with the other accessories that you want to support the look of your avatar to be what you want.

Another sparkling wings that you are able to find in Roblox catalog is Golden Sparkling Wings. This is also a back accessory that was published by Roblox on May 21st, 2016. This wings could be bought for 2,000 Robux during special sales. Until August 31st, 2018, this item has been bought 1,542 times and has been favorited 7,034 times.

This wings is a golden retexture of the Sparkling Angel Wings and it emits Gold particles. If you visit Roblox catalog and then you check this item, it seems that this item is not for sale anymore. However, you are able to see that until now it has been favorited more than 10,000 times and in the description section it is written that livin’ the golden sparkle life. The Roblox ID of this item is 417456127.

Besides these two wings, there are still a lot of wings that you are able to find in Roblox catalog such as:

  • Neon Wings for R$ 700
  • Gilded Wings of Glory for R$ 6,000
  • Giant Bombastic Wings for R$ 1,000
  • Dark Bat Wings for R$ 350
  • Steampunk Wings of Mechanical Destiny for R$ 1,000
  • Majestic Ice Wings for R$ 750
  • and many more

If you want to look like a butterfly, you can choose certain wings which is the same as butterfly’s wings such as Butterfly Wings, Wings of Freedom, Mothman Wings, Royal Wings, Violet Spring Butterfly Wings, and Dreamy Luna Moth Wings. Explore the Roblox catalog and find the wings that can be suitable with your avatar.

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