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Sir Meme is one of Roblox players how is popular because of exploits. Now, you maybe want to know the site and also other social media accounts of him. Okay, you come to the right site because in this article we are going to reveal it.

When you search the site of Sir Meme on your browser, the site which will appears is So, the site of Sir Meme is probably this. Then, when you read the menu in the top right of the homepage and then you click on the Youtube Channel menu, you will be directed to the channel of Sir Meme. So, it is no doubt that is Sir Meme site.

In that site, there are several menu that you can find at the top of the homepage. The menu includes Home, Merch, Scripts, Youtube Channel, Discord and Synapse X. If you click on Merch, you will be directed to the page of Sir Meme merchandise that you can buy such as t-shirt and hoodie. So, if you want to have his merch, just visit the merch site of him and then buy the item that you want. If you click on Scripts menu, you will see some posts about scripts that he created. Those are Mad City Aztup’s GUI *Updated*, Breaking Point Kill Aura Always Hit, Noob Smacker Simulator Semi OP Autofarm, Ro-Ghoul Free Autofarm, Thief Simulator Infinite Money, Dungeon Quest Tools, Leaked Strucid GUI [Open Source], Infinity RPG GUI and many more.

If you click on Discord menu, you will be directed to his Discord account which has more than 5.8K members and you can join it if you want. And if you click on Synapse X menu, you will be directed to the where you are able to buy the synapse software. Besides having a site, Sir Meme also has Twitter account, Youtube channel, Twitch account and of course Roblox account. His Twitter account is @NukesmAn99 which now he has 681 followers and follows 353 people. His Twitch account is MarshyDadon and his Youtube channel is Sir Meme which has more than 41K subscribers and more than 7 million views in total. What about his Roblox account?

His Roblox account is Youtube_SirMeme. Now, he has more than 50K followers, 200 friends and follows no one. Now, his Roblox avatar is wearing Official Sir Meme Shirt, Original Adidas Track Pants, Playful Vampire face, Pasta Pwn hat, Blue Top Hat and Jellyfish hat. In his inventory, he has a lot of items such as Bonnie BloxKO, The Egg; Captain Marvel; International Fedora – Germany; Egg of Gravitation; Whimsical Egg, the Wonderful; The Eggtrix; Full Metal Top Hat and many others. He has some groups that he joins and those are Would You Like Fries With That as owner, Sky Regiment as Greenhorn, Paradoxum Games as member, Mafia F as citizen, and Youtube/ Sir Meme as owner.

His favorite games are Tower Battles, [Cars] Chicago 1949 Remastered, Mushroom Treasure Quest, Welcome to Farmtown , Ghost Simulator and many more. He has some Roblox badges including Veteran, Welcome To The Club, Friendship, Homestead, and Bricksmith. It is known that his Roblox account has been visited more than 24K times and he joins Roblox since July 19th, 2017.

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