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To make the game that we play is easier so that we can get what we want in the game or to level up soon, sometimes we need exploit. However, it is not easy to find exploit. And as you can see that information about exploit in the internet is limited. Some sources about exploit is deleted because it sometimes can harm users and also the people whose games are exploited.

Based on Roblox wiki, exploit is defined as the use of glitches and also software vulnerabilities in Roblox and it is done by Roblox player so that they can change the game or earn a lot of points or money for an unfair advantage. If you use exploits and then you are caught, you will be able to be banned. The forms of bans can be account deletion, poison or even IP ban. A lot of types of exploits can be found and those are BIN injecting, Lua bytecode, Proto Conversion, Lua Wrapping, DLL Injection and Lag Switching.

Based on the types of exploits in the paragraph above, you can see that DLL injection is one of the exploits. For your information, most current exploits are DLL files and they are injected into Roblox by using a DLL injector. If it is injected, the exploit can function properly. However, if you inject a DLL into a process, it is not all that is required because now Roblox has introduced a lot of safeguards to prevent memory from being manipulated easily.

Talk bout injector, you may want to know about Sir Meme injector. Sir Meme has a Youtube channel which now has more than 45,3K subscribers. He joins Youtube since March 12th, 2016 and now the total views of his videos are more than 8.7 million views. In his videos, he usually shows the Roblox scripts/ hack/ exploits that he use in the games. So, you probably can find Sir Meme Injector in the description section of his videos. In each video, usually he shares what exploit/ script/ hack that he use and he shares the link to where you can get it in the description section of the video.

Some videos of Sir Meme are:

  • Power Simulator | Hack/ Script | New GUI With Tons of Features which was published on August 1st, 2019 and now it has been viewed more than 34k times. In the video description, he shares the link of scripts, exploit, VPN that he uses and also other items that he uses.
  • Bloxburg | Hack/ Script | New Working Autofarm which was published on July 26th, 2019 and now it has been watched more than 13k times. In the description of the video, he shares the scripts, exploit, and other items that he uses.

If you want to know about Sir Meme injector, you can also try to message him and ask him politely about it. Another way that you can do is you can ask about Sir Meme injector in a forum to other Roblox payers. Searching to many sources is needed when you are looking for injector which is the part of exploit, it is because this thing is bannable so that it is rather difficult to find information about it.

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