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For those who want to know the Roblox ID for Scarlxrd Battle Scars, so you are able to read this article because now we are going to share Scarlxrd Battle Scars Roblox ID. Apparently, this song is enough popular around Roblox players.

Before we inform you about Roblox ID for Scarlxrd Battle Scars, firstly we want to share some information about Scarlxrd. You have to know that the real name of Scarlxrd is Marius Listhrop. He was born on 19 June 1994. Until now, he known professionally as Scarlxrd.  He is a British musician and rapper and known for his unusual musical style combining elements of trap music with influences from metal music. Formerly, a YouTube personality known as Mazzi Maz. Then, Scarlxrd began a career in music as the lead vocalist for nu metal band Myth City, before debuting as a rapper under his Scarlxrd moniker.

On February 2017, Listhrop removed all of his Mazzi Maz videos from his YouTube channel. Then, in a 2017 Interview, Listhrop described his time as a YouTube personality and posting videos on the site as “soul-destroying”. In February 2018, it was announced that Scarlxrd perform at the 2018 Reading and Leeds Festivals and then on 4 May, his sixth studio album and major label debut Dxxm was released.

We are sure that now you are so curious to know the Roblox ID for Scarlxrd Battle Scars. Do not be sad, now we are going to share it. You have to know that Scarlxrd Battle Scars Roblox ID is 1117828381. At the moment, you are able to add this Scarlxrd Battle Scars Roblox ID into the game you want to play in Roblox. We are sure that you want to listen to the song of Battle Scars by Scarlxrd Battle while you are playing the game of Roblox.

In addition, we are going to share other Scarlxrd Roblox IDs. If you are a fans of Scarlxrd, we are sure that you want to know this information. Here, in the text below, you are able to see other Scarlxrd Roblox IDs.

  • P.T.S.D by ScarlxrdRoblox ID: 994211416
  • My fault by Scarlxrd Roblox ID: 1129369247
  • False Idxls by Scarlxrd Roblox ID: 1143487073
  • War by Scarlxrd Roblox ID: 1082837287
  • King Scar by Scarlxrd Roblox ID: 1058016106
  • All talk by Scarlxrd Roblox ID: 1104571789
  • 6 Feet by Scarlxrd Roblox ID: 1579762880
  • Lies yxu tell by Scarlxrd Roblox ID: 1076396338
  • Glx up – Scarlxrd Roblox ID: 1059543497
  • Heart attack by Scarlxrd Roblox ID: 1579799700
  • Deathpunch by  Scarlxrd Roblox ID: 1042103837
  • Haunted by Scarlxrd Roblox ID: 1158208577
  • The purge by  Scarlxrd Roblox ID: 1067805238
  • Lxxk Dead by Scarlxrd Roblox ID: 1489624410
  • Imnxtamess by Scarlxrd Roblox ID: 1036403343
  • Chainsaw by Scarlxrd Roblox ID: 1055455556
  • Real shit by Scarlxrd Roblox ID: 2377076021
  • Wednesday by Scarlxrd Roblox ID: 1050734494
  • Resist Yxu Die by Scarlxrd Roblox ID: 2827393015

Well, the text above is list of Scarlxrd Roblox Ids. Besides add Scarlxrd Battle Scars Roblox ID, now you are able also to add other Scarlxrd Roblox Ids into your game.

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