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Do you want to get Robux for free? Of course, Roblox players will be happy if they are offered free Robux. As we know that Robux is something precious in Roblox because it is the main currency so that it can be used for buying anything that you want in Roblox.

Buying pants, shirts, accessories, gamepasses, and access to certain games can be done by having Robux. Have you ever thought about Robux TV? What do you imagine about it? You may think of finding Robux TV and in that TV you are able to get Robux by taking quiz, giveaway, donation and the other programs of sharing Robux. But, it seems that there is no such thing. But, if you want to get Robux through a program like TV program, you may find a giveaway which are held by streamers or Youtubers.

Some youtubers and streamers sometimes announce that they will hold a Robux giveaway through their channel. Usually, the giveaway time is live or in a limited time. So, if you want to try your luck here, you have to know the information about it before it is held. You may be able to know about it in the twitter account of the youtubers or streamers or in the other social media accounts of them.

However, even though there are some youtubers and streamers who hold a Robux giveaway, it does not mean that all of them are real. You need to be careful because some of them may be a scam. So, before you join the giveaway, you have to read and find out about it carefully. Usually, this giveaway is a trick of them to get more subscribers and followers since usually one of the requirements of joining the event is that you have to follow or subscribe their channel and social media, like and also comments.

If you search about Free Robux in Youtube for your entertainment, you are able to find some results as listed below.

  • A video of Tofuu entitled This Roblox Game Gives You Free Robux which was uploaded on June 29th, 2017.
  • A video of Builderboy TV entitled *Legit* How to Get Free Robux 2019! Earn Free Robux Fast!? | Roblox | Builderboy TV which was uploaded on May 25th, 2019.
  • A video of ZephPlayz entitled The Only Working Roblox Game That Gives You Free Robux?! which was uploaded on June 3th, 2017.
  • A video of TrueTriz entitled How to Get Free unlimited Robux in Roblox! (2019) which was uploaded on March 24th, 2017.

If you watch some tricks or cheats about getting Robux, do not follow it easily. Some of the tricks may be not useful such as getting Robux by using Inspect Element. It does not give you Robux, but it just trick you virtually.

If you want to earn Robux, we recommend that you have to earn it through the legal ways as explained by Roblox in its articles. Some legal ways that you are able to do to earn Robux are through buying it, having a membership, and selling clothes and game access.

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