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Some people try a lot of things to be able to get Robux for free. How about you? What have you done to get Robux for free? If you search about it in your browser, you will find a lot of ways to be able to get Robux for free. However, it seems that the working ways are just some of them.

Now, you probably think of earning Robux via Injector Machine. So, now you need some information about Robux Injector Machine. If you try to search Robux Injector Machine in your browser, you will find a lot of results. One of them is a Greasy Fork site which can be accessed at In that site, there is Robux Injector. In the description, it is written that you are able to go to buy 10,000 Robux by clicking Redeem Roblox Card. Then, you have to click continue and watch as the system starts to decode unused robux PINS. It is written also that you are able to obtain free unused Robux Pins. To install the Robux script, you are able to click on the Install This Script button there. We do not know whether it is real or scam, but you are able to try to prove it.

Besides this, the other results that you are able to get when you search about Robux Injector Machine are videos on Youtube. Those videos are:

  • A video of Nick Hengeveld entitled Roblox Robux Injector [2018] Stella which was uploaded on January 17th, 2018.
  • A video of Ant entitled The Ultimate Robux Machine which was uploaded on January 22nd, 2018.

In the video of Nick Hengeveld, you are able to see that you have to download Stella Cracked and the link can be found in the description section of the video. After it, you can save and open it. In the video, you can see that instead of giving Robux, he shows you how to change the colors.

There is also another result when you search about Robux Injector. The result is a site of Robux generator. Okay, it is important for you to know that if you want to be safe and do not get scam, it is better for you to get Robux through the legal ways according to the ways that are introduced by Roblox including buying it, selling clothes, selling place access, and being a member of membership. How about doing other ways? If you use the other ways such as exploiting by using exploits, scripts, or injector or maybe you use Robux generators, it is not allowed by Roblox and it is not impossible that you are able to be banned due to this action. So, never ever exploit or use generators or even use other methods which are not allowed by Roblox. Just play fairly and obey the Roblox rules.

Talk about Robux generator, in the Roblox article in its site, Roblox has stated that there is no such thing. If you find Robux generator, it is surely a scam. So, never ever use Robux generator since you may be able to be scammed by using it.

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