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Robux is very important for Roblox players. If you are also Roblox players, you surely need Robux as well and some of you  probably want to try any effort to get Robux for free. Some of you also like joining Robux giveaway and do not want to miss any chances.

If we talk about Robux giveaway, is there are Discord server of Robux giveaway? It seems that there are some Discord servers which offer you Robux giveaway. The thing that you have to is joining the server and then find the giveaway and join it. However, you have to wait for the Robux because you will not have 100% chance to win but you can anytime win. So, just try and try again. Do not give up.

Here are some Discord servers that you are able to join for Robux giveaway.

  • Robux Giveaways. This server has more than 24,000 members and you can join it to find Robux giveaway.
  • Faz. In this server, you are able to get Robux by inviting other Roblox users that use Discord. There are also giveaways and invite rewards. Now, this server has 347 members.
  • Deker’s Robux Giveaway. This server has 136 members. In the description, it is written that this server can give away you Robux once a while, while at the same time they will provide you sites where you are able to earn prizes.
  • RobuxPalace. This server has 420 members now. In the description, it is written that this server is a group for people who do not have Robux. They do daily giveaways of 10 – 100 Robux.
  • LightningPlayz. This server has 1,837 members now. This server is owned by LightningBoyPlayz. He has 65K subs and he does free Robux videos that actually work. In this server, you will find free Robux giveaway every week, contest involving Roblox, sell stuff, friendly staff, fun bots to change your color name, rare roles to show off, and many more.

Even though there are a lot of Discord servers which claim that they can do giveaway, make sure that you have to be careful. You need to be careful because there are some groups or servers which just want to scam you. They do it to get some advantages from you such as attracting the members and many more. So, you have to be careful when you join a server which offer Robux giveaway. But, you are able to try to join it for fun and if there is a giveaway event, you can try to join.

When a giveaway event is held, you will have chance to win but probably your chance is not 100% because there are other people who also compete with you to get free Robux. So, just do the best when you join a Robux giveaway in the server but of course do not forget to be careful. Make sure that you do not give your personal information such as password, your address, your phone number and some other information which is personal. If you are succeed in winning giveaway from the servers above and you are sure that it is not fake, you can give comments below.

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