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As a Roblox player, you may be one of people who often see Robux free ad. Robux free ad can be found in websites or videos on Youtube. If you see ad like this, you may be confused whether it is real or just a scam. You want to get this free Robux because you really need it but on the other hand, you are afraid that it is a scam.

Okay, if you see a Robux free ad, it is better for you to be careful with it if you have an intention to join it. Even, it is better for you not to join what they offer to get free Robux. It is because actually there is no free Robux. You may often hear about Robux generators and this is important for you to know that Robux generator is a scam.

When you visit Robux generator, you may see that the site looks trusted. There are some reviews and comments of the users, some reports of the earnings and some more things which make you believe that the site can give you Robux. You need to know that the comments which you usually see are bots. So, the comments can be generated automatically by the bots.

The method to get free Robux is usually claimed easily. They said that you are able to generate Robux as much as you want just by some minutes. However, you will have to spend a lot of times. In the site, you have to enter your username. Then, you have to do the offer such as watching videos, downloading apps or doing survey. And even some of this kind of sites directs you to the other pages again and again. After you did the offer, then they said that you have to wait for some minutes but then the Robux is not arrived at all. It proves that this kind of site is a scam.

For your safety, it is better for you not to believe in Robux free ad. It is recommended for you to get Robux legally as Roblox recommend it to you. Some legal ways that you are able to do to get Robux are as follows.

  • You are able to buy Robux in the mobile apps, browser, and Xbox One.
  • You are able to earn Robux by having membership so that you will get a Robux stipend.
  • You are able to get Robux by selling pants, shirts, and place access and then you will be able to get a percentage of the profit. Note that if you want to sell these things, you need to have a membership.
  • You are able to get Robux by trading game passes. If you have membership, you will get a bigger percentage of the profit. But if you do not have membership, you will be able to get a smaller percentage of the profit.

So, never ever believe again to sites, videos or everything which offer you free Robux except if it comes from Roblox officially.

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