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In the world of the game called Roblox Wizard Life, the term wards are used to call the tools that are used to cast spells. Right now, the game has a total of 8 known wands. You are able to get 4 of them from the Galleons Store. The wands of Roblox Wizard Life are Wooden Wand, Elk Wand, Iron Wand, Luxury Wand, Rooted Wand, Star Caller Wand, Skeleton Wand, and Beta Wand. Do you want to know more about each of the wands? Please check out the entire article.

The Wooden Wand is able to be gotten by clicking the backpack in the right bottom corner of the screen, then going into the Wands category, then click Apply. Currently, there are 3 other wand categories. You do not have to pay to get this wand as it is completely free. Elk Wand is the the wooden wand made from elk. This one costs 500. The Iron Wand is made from some sort of iron. This one costs 700. The Luxury Wand is the strong bottled wand made from luxurious woods and irons. This one costs 1300. The Rooted Wand is some sort of rooted wand. This one gives of the evil vibe. This one costs 1600. The Star Caller Wand is the nice wand. It is the special one that you are able to buy using the school points (35000 points). This one updates stupefy and Ascendio effects. Apparently, with Stupefy, the stun effect will last longer, and with Ascendio, it will launch you higher into the air. The Skeleton Wand is the kind of wand made of ancient bones. This one looks like the the first wand of the Lord Voldemort that he got from Ollivanders. This one is only on sale during the Halloween event in October. The Beta Wand is known as the wand that was given to players to old version of Wizard Life. That is why it is known as Beta Exclusive. It was before Edd_E moved it to the magical world group.

Talking about Roblox Wizard Life, there are some codes of Roblox Wizard Life. Each code is included in a category. Here is the list of them.

1. Albus Drumbledore: 461493477,758013141,214997651,13121508

2. Voldemort: 1912180606,2121181248,20416957

3. Death Eater: 811692273,1168058868,93131532,69434624

4. Harry Potter: 32278814,828887397,1957587354,22070802

5. Draco Malfoy:185812332,1514257340,1631722689

6. McGonagall:969302071,1707798423,461493088

7. Severus Snape:588968147,1871253888,295456068

8. Ron Weasley:14129164,812458914,1713417531

9. Hermione Granger:812458914,1713417531,243773672

Feel free to use any code of Roblox Wizard Life Wand that you want. Please keep in mind that the codes will not able to be used forever. It means, some of the codes may be expired and the date might be unknown. In this case, it is better for you to keep updating the information about Roblox Wizard Life Wand regularly. The page of Roblox Wizard Life Wand on Wiki can be such a great source of information. Aside from that, you are encouraged to join the community of Roblox Wizard Life in order to get the information from the members of the community.

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