How to Avoid Getting Wipeouts in Armored Patrol on Roblox

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Armored Patrol is the name of the game created by Wingman8. This one is about two teams, Red and Blue fighting for control of flags using military vehicles and equipment. It has more than 51 million place visits and more than 586,000 favorites.

The game area of Armored Patrol is a flat land with forests and angular hills, some being hollow. They all change the position at the beginning of each match, starting a time limit of 30 minutes. Both of the teams must capture flags located on hills around the map. Then, a flag on the control will give a number of points in a minute to the controlling team. Once the match ends, the team that has most points wins. All the players are able to use different weapons and vehicles in combat, as build defensive structures with the build tool. If a team has fewer players compared to the other, it must be chosen.

Do you ever wanted to know a way to survive in a game called Armored Patrol without being shot by the others? If the answer to the question is yes, this article will help you not to get killed and instead kill others.

The first step that you have to do to avoid getting wipeouts in Armored Patrol is to get a heavy tank and drive out of your base. When you are going to shoot a certain enemy and they are going at an angle, please shoot ahead of it. then, kill light tanks first. Apparently, they are the easiest to destroy. The next thing that you have to do is to shoot by the seat of the driver. Once you hit it enough, you have to see the driver. do not forget to shoot at the driver with the 50 cal or missile. After that, use artillery, jeeps tow howitzers around and they are deadly. You are able to ask your teammate in order to escort you up a hill, set up the artillery and build a box around it. Thing called howitzers are able to shoot through those you do not have to worry.

The last one is the effective trick to camp and kill helicopters and light vehicles. You need to get in a self-propelled gun, heavy tank, or light tank with AA and armor piercing shells. Then, find a big ball of bushes. They are all easy to find. Once you have found the, park in it but please make sure that nobody can see you. If you do it right, you are able to kill tons of helicopters very easily, and have a hidden bombardment system in order to decimate the enemy. However, the enemy will probably find you if they hot you or you are seen firing through the bush. For those who are attacked by an enemy heavy tank or are found, please try to retreat or find the fight ground to fire off of.

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