Roblox Unauthorized Charges

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On the platform called Roblox, you are able to buy memberships and Robux, the name of the virtual currency. This article will talk about the Roblox unauthorized charges. Please read and understand every word well and take a note of something important.

If you realize that there are charges on the card or PayPal bill that you did not authorize, please contact the customer service of Roblox. You are recommended to contact Roblox before disputing any charges with the card vendor or bank so they can assist with any charges eligible for refund. When reporting charges, do not forget to provide the things such as list the charges by date and amount, billing name, last four digits of the card used or the PayPal account email address, and Roblox username if it is known.

What if your unauthorized charge is from a mobile store? It is said that Roblox accepts payment through Google Play, iTunes, Xbox, Windows, and Amazon. Apparently, those purchases will show up on any linked card or bank account you have associated with the mobile provider but it is important to let Roblox know the mobile store where the charges were made. When reporting the case to the customer service, please make sure to include several things such as the list the charges by date and amount (include the Google Play Order Number (GPA) for Google Play transactions), the mobile provider the charges were made through, and the Roblox username if known.

Please keep in mind that Roblox is not able to refund charges for certain mobile providers including iTunes, Amazon, and Microsoft. In this case, you need to contact their customer service separately. However, Roblox do request you alert them about unauthorized charges so they are able to investigate the accounts and prevent further fraudulent charges whenever possible. Aside from that, a lot of providers also offer additional features such as password protected purchasing you are able to enable on the account in order to help to prevent accidental or unauthorized charges.

This paragraph consists of the information about the fraud and refund investigations. After reporting the charges to the customer service of Roblox, the billing department of it will investigate and assist you with the eligible refund requests. One again, please contact Roblox before disputing a charge. Remember that once disputed, Roblox may be unable to provide the direct or immediate refund due to the dispute process. In addition, every account of Roblox associated with the unauthorized charges is subject to deletion. Unauthorized charges are against the Terms of Use of Roblox.

For further information about Roblox unauthorized charges, it is better for you to visit the official website of Roblox. If you have something to ask, feel free to contact the customer service of Roblox and the other party related to your interest. Aside from that, you are also recommended to join the community of Roblox. In this kind of community, you are able to exchange the information with the members of the community.

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