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Roblox Town of Robloxia copy allow also known as Roblox Town of Robloxia uncopylocked. It means anyone can take a copy of the game and do anything they please with it. Most of the stolen games are actually copylocked but were taken using hacks or exploits.

Roblox Town of Robloxia can be described as the famous roleplay game by 1dev2. This game takes place in the fictional city named the Town of Robloxia. In the game, all the players are able to find a job, buy a house, and roleplay with the other players. In early 2011, the game got famous, but ever since the deletion of 1dev2 and the place being uncopylocked, the popularity of the game has decreased dramatically. In the past, this game held the title as the most visited game on the platform called Roblox, until being surpassed by Base Wars: The Land. Now, Roblox Town of Robloxia is very far behind the title of the most played in Roblox, it could never the most visited place in the platform ever.

Roblox Town of Robloxia has accumulated more than 36 million place visits. This one has also inspired other roleplaying games, most famously the game named Welcome to the Neighborhood of Robloxia created by estin423. After the creator of Roblox Town of Robloxia known as 1dev2 was terminated, he created the account 1dev3 and created the game Robloxity which is considered the successor to Roblox Town of Robloxia.

Once again, Roblox Town of Robloxia faced the decline ever since the deletion of the account of 1dev2 and was having trouble reaching at least 50 users daily. Now, the original version on the account of 1dev2 under review and is not playable.

Roblox Town of Robloxia is the game hat based in the small town named Town of Robloxia. This one has a police station, a fire station, a medical clinic, and the other industrial and commercial private companies. These kinds of companies include a tower, a fire station, a gas station, a factory, a mall, a small airport that is only for VIP, a school, and a new HQ.

On June 14, 2012, Roblox Town of Robloxia has changed to the starter map. The main reason behind it is because Jaredvaldez4 stole WttToR and put it in one of his game slots. Apparently, this version of the game hit the front page. Then, the place was changed from the starter map back into the original game, and it was made uncopylocked, leading to the game being copied and stolen by a lot of users, such as Jaredvalez4 and JuliusColesV2. Actually, no one knows who did this, but a lot of users say a moderator or an administrator set the game back to normal. For those who are curious, the game is currently under review.

For more information about Roblox Town of Robloxia copy allow, you can visit some sources such as Wiki. Aside from that, you can also ask the creator of the game.

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