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Roblox Terminal Railways is the name of the games on the platform called Roblox. This one was developed by Zephyred, involving train simulation and directing. Please do not stop reading if you want to know the details of the game.

Trains and cars are two main transportation in the Roblox Terminal Railways. Trains in the game are able to be used for everything in the game, ranging from passenger transportation to freight. They are divided into different countries of origin. Basically, different trains have different speeds and different amount of passengers they can carry. As of today, there are 21 free trains, while the rest are paid attainable credits. Some of the trains are Queensland Rail EMU, OBB Railjet, Thalys PBA, VIA Rail P42, China Railway CRH3, CD Class 843, Old DSB IC3, SNCF TGV Duplex Carmillon, DB Twindexx Vario, ETR 400, 0 Series Shinkansen, NS Class 1200 plus Plan D, Pesa Atribo Dual, Korail Mungunghwa Regional, Talgo AVE (AVE Class 102), SBB Re 4/4, SJ X60, Arriva Trains Wales Class 158 Express Sprinter, Septe ACS Commuter (Siemens ACS 64), Traxxius The Destroyer (Halloween Train 2018), 10 Million Visits LNER Class A4 Golden Streak, LNER Class A4 Union of South Africa, New York Central 20th Century Limited, and many more.

For the cars, they are no longer available in Roblox Terminal Railways and was removed sometime in early 2018 to late 2017. There were two kinds of cars in the game. The first one is Hatchback and the second one is sports car. The Hatchback was one of the cars that you were able to use in the game other than trains. This one had four seats which means it could carry three passengers, including the driver. Meanwhile, sports car was the small car that had a max speed of 140. This one was only able to carry only one passengers as there was only two seats, including one for the driver. Unfortunately, it seems like they will not be coming back as Roblox Terminal Raiwlays is the train based game. The only other option of transportation other than trains is teleportation. Some of the stations are Spring Hills, Rozlyn, Alyard West, Eldershire South, Northwell, Linshire, Linshire South, Alyard East, Oceanside, Eldershire Central, Rozlyn South, Bridgewater, and Victoria Fields.

Aside from the stations, there are also depots. These things will allow you to spawn trains to drive. Apparently, there are depots with different sizes raging from two to four tracks. The depots that you are able to find in the game are Eldershire Depot, Linshire Depot, Northwell Depot, and Rozlyn Depot. Eldershire Depot is the name of the three track depot found on the loop line or main line or old line. This one has been relocated to the new site north west of Eldershire Central as of July 1, 2019. It is the second time the depot has changed location, from the original one to just north of Eldershire Central, to the new larger depot in the July 1 Scenery Update.

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