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Summer is always been an exciting thing at Roblox headquarters. Every year, Roblox bring on more than 50 interns to collaborate with the engineering, product, data, and design teams on the dazzling array of impactful projects including new features, streamlining workflows, improving game experiences, and many other ones. Just like the full time employees, the Roblox summer interns are the owners and have the wonderful chance to learn, contribute, and have the direct hand in powering the mission to bring the world together through play.

Do Roblox summer interns just work and no play? The answer to the question is no. Even while working on the project full time, Roblox summer interns usually participate in fun events and activities all summer long. Those include the kick off dinner, the ice cream socail, the tech walk, and many more. At the end of the Roblox summer intern program, all the Roblox summer interns have a chance to share their projects with the members of the Roblox team and enjoy the rest days of summer with each other.

Why intern at Roblox? Joining Roblox could be a special time for you. As the company, Roblox is growing super fast with a lot of initiatives, so there are a lot of opportunities to take ownership of a project and have the outsized impact. Aside from that, you are also able to meet some of the most ambitious, entrepreneurial people in tech. Here is the list of the benefits and perks of applying for Roblox summer internship:

  1. You will be embedded into a software engineering team with responsibility and deliverable.
  2. You will regularly ship code to production.
  3. You will own and present to leadership a summer internship project.
  4. You will work collaboratively with the design, product, data, QA, and DevOps teams of Roblox.
  5. You will gain valuable and marketable experience helping to build one of the fastest growing software platform in Silicon Valley.
  6. You will work and support one of the talented teams such as Applications, Developers Relations, Game Experience, and Growth.

In order to apply Roblox summer internship, firstly, you need to be passionate about games, user generated content, social networking, and the Roblox community. Secondly, you need to be adaptable and are able to thrive in a fast paced and dynamic work environment. Thirdly, you need to be a coding champion working towards mastery of one or more programming languages such as Go, Node.js, Ruby, Phython, C++, Lua, Swift, C# or Java. Fourthly, you need to be eager to learn and want the real world exposure to the industry-leading frameworks and libraries. Fifthly, you need to be tenacious about learning and creating a great experience as you work hard with your team to reach the collective goals.

If you are interested in the Roblox summer internship, you can apply for the program at the Carrers page and come experience for yourself what life at Roblox is all about. You can contact Roblox Support if you have any questions.

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