How to Use DLL Injector for Roblox

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You may open this page to find out the information about how to use DLL Injector for Roblox. Is it true? If you want to find out that information, just keep staying on this page as we will discuss about that here.

Before we talk about how to use DLL Injector for Roblox, it will be better for us to remind what is DLL Injector itself. You have to know that DLL Injector is one of the most injectors in the computer programming. It is a software which is running code within the address space to other process. Everything is able to be done by forcing it to load the dynamic link library. Apparently, this DLL injector is used by external programs to influence the behavior of another program. Many People said that in Roblox, there are two components needed to hack into the game, the actual hack and DLL Injector.

The first one is the actual hack. It is usually in DLL form. This one has to be injected into the game. The second one is DLL Injector, it use the DLL code in the Roblox process. Now, you may interested to use DLL Injector. So, let us try to use it. We have one of DLL Injector. It called as JJSploit.dll. You have to know that JJSploit.dll contains some hacks that can be activated with the simple command.


  • The first thing that you have to do to use DLL Injector in Roblox, of course you need to download DLL Injector named JJSploit.dll.
  • After you have already download and install it, then you have to open the file in the DLL Injector.
  • Once you locate the Roblox process, you have to select it and hit the inject button.
  • After you click at the Inject button, it means that you you successfully injected the DLL into Roblox.

Well, the text above is a way to use DLL Injector in Roblox. Is it easy to do? If you are curious to use this hack, so you are able to try it now.

In other case, if you still be confuse how to get DLL Injector, here we are going to share its way steps by steps.

  • You are able to go to the official website of DLL.
  • We have a trust site to get DLL Injector. That site named WeAreDevs. If you want to download DLL Injector from WeAreDevs, so you have to visit the official website of WeAreDevs.
  • Once you are at the homepage of WeAreDevs, you are able to scroll down your cursor to the bottom part of the page.
  • Search and find DLL Injector.
  • After you find this one, then you are able to click it.
  • Next, you will be taken to DLL Injector page and the download process will be started in only five seconds. We think that this process is really easy and simple.

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