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The Star Code is also referred to as Star Creator Code, Video Star Creator Code, Video Code, and Creator Code. Based on the research, it is a feature in Roblox that was started on April 29, 2019. Of course, it has main purpose. The main purpose is to support and feature those in the Roblox Video Stars Program.

It is able to be found once you are purchasing Premium or Robux under “Select payment type”, a button is going to say “Enter a star code”. By making a purchase with a Roblox star code entered is going to support a Star Program member by giving them 5% of the purchase price at no extra cost. But, you have to know that despite being a feature which is exclusive for the members of Roblox Star Program, the Star Code has been criticized for being exclusive to the content creators from the Star Program, as those that do make Roblox video content are unable to have a star code created to promote themselves.

Sometime there is also an issue that occur because it is very easy to be a part of Roblox video stars group. For those who want to be a part of Roblox video stars group, there are some requirements that they need to fill. For this case, all Roblox video content have to be in accordance with the Roblox Terms of Use and Roblox Community Rules. Then, if you have good Roblox video content and all Roblox video content be in accordance with the Roblox Terms of Use and Roblox Community Rules, so you are going to be invited to participate in the Roblox video stars program depending on video viewership and audience engagement. Besides, your Roblox video contents have to meet the following minimum criteria. Here are several criteria that you have to consider.

  •  Firstly, you need to have 10,000,000 cumulative Roblox video views.
  •  The second criteria, you need to have 25,000 average views per Roblox video.
  • The last criteria, you need to have 100,000 followers or subscribers on channel.

Talking about Roblox star code, you may want to know how to use the star code. Apparently, there are some easy step that you have to do once you want to use the star code. At the first step, you have to enter the Star code that associated with your favorite Roblox Video Star on the Robux purchase page while you are completing a transaction. After that, the Video Stars will be promoting your Star code on your Roblox profile or group pages as well as your social media accounts, including YouTube, Twitter, and more. In this step, you have to head to the Robux or Membership. Then, you need to choose the value you want to purchase. Next, you will be redirected to the payment method selection page.

Now, you have to select the payment type. To open the code entry window, you have to enter your code, and press Validate. After that, you are going to need to complete your purchase before the code expires in ten minutes. Then, you will see a confirmation after you have finished your purchase.

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