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Spells are one of the main factors of the game called Roblox Magic Training. They are the magical ability that every player holds if they have a wand. Usually, spells are used for defensive use, healing, convenience, or fun. For those who are looking for the Roblox Magic Training spells, here is the list of them.

  1. Aboleo. This one sestroys Shields.
  2. Alarte Ascendare . This one launches target high into the air. It deals 25 damage.
  3. Apparate (Appa). This one teleports you to where you click.
  4. Ascendio. This one launches the caster up.
  5. Accio. This one brings wands to you (wand must be drooped).
  6. Avada Kedavra. This one is the instant Kill spell, the Killing Curse. It deals infinite.
  7. Baubillious. This one damages spell with almost no casting cool down.
  8. Bombarda. This one is the explosive spell. It deals 50 damage, suggested to use Confringo for better effect.
  9. Calvorio. This one removes targeted players accessories.
  10. Carpe Retractum. This one causes the target to retract in your direction.
  11. Confringo. This one is the fire spell that has a small blast radius. It deals 55 damage.
  12. Confundo. This one causes the target to move in random directions for 5 seconds.
  13. Crucio. This one tortures your target.
  14. Defodio . This one is the explosive spell that has small blast radius. First of all, it sould deal 50 damage, then target quickly bleeds to death.
  15. Deletrius. This one deletes target. It deals infinite damage.
  16. Depulso. This one is the repulsion spell that flings target. It is not affected by a shield.
  17. Diffindo. This one is the cutting spell. It does little damage but isa ble to release somebody from incarcerous and ebublio.
  18. Diminuendo. This one shrinks target for 10 seconds.
  19. Duro. This one turns target to stone for 8 seconds.
  20. Ebublio. This one traps targeted player in a bubble.
  21. Engorgio Skullus. This one enlarges targeted player head.
  22. Episkey. This one partially heals target.
  23. Everte statum. This one trips target. It deals 25 damage.
  24. Expelliarmus. This one disarms the target. If the target is not holding wand, the target is flung.
  25. Expulso. This one damage spell. It deals 50 damage.
  26. Finite Incantatem. This one releases someone from all spells.
  27. Flare. This one damage spell with almost no casting cool down. It deals 10 damage.
  28. Flipendo. This one is the repulsion spell that flings the target.
  29. Geminio. This one clones yourself at targeted area, also the targeted player.
  30. Glacius. This one freezes the target for 8 seconds. It deals no damage anymore.

There are some other Magic Training Roblox spells. If you want to find the rest of the list, you can visit the page of Magic Training Roblox on Wiki. wiki is the like dictionary. In order to access the site, you will not be asked to log in first.

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