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Social Experiment is a horror game in Roblox which was created on May 6th, 2022. If you are playing Social Experiment in Roblox and now you need the script for the game for getting infinite stamina and more, you are able to check the script here.

The Script of Roblox Social Experiment for Infinite Stamina and More

This script can be found on the RBX Script site and as explained by some sources that this script is created by intestines83#9118. Here is the Social Experiment script for infinite stamina and more.


The features of this script include in chat predictor, auto blood rain droplets, infinite stamina, GUI, undetected, and many more.

About Roblox Social Experiment

What is the Social Experiment in Roblox? It is a game on the Roblox platform where the genre is horror. Horror lovers may like this game. What can we do in this game? In this game, players can be subjected to many kinds of experiments to judge their behaviour in the final moments. It is also explained in the game that players do not respawn and if players leave the game, it will not save them.

Roblox Social Experiment

Social Experiment was created on May, 6th, 2022 and until now it has been visited more than 21.7 million times. It seems that a lot of players like this game because in a year, this game has been visited that much. This game has also been favorited by more than 200k players.

How about the server size? The server size of Social Experiment is 40 and if players want to use private servers, it is free. Can we get badges in this game? Yes, of course, there are a number of badges that are able to be obtained by players in this game as listed below.

  • Survive the Experiment
  • Fail the Experiment
  • 10 Streak
  • 100 Streak
  • Danger
  • Betrayed
  • Experiment Pause
  • Revived
  • Bat
  • Spared
  • Champion
  • Hunter

A danger badge can be obtained if a player owns a knife and betrayed badge can be obtained if a player gets voted out. A bat badge can be obtained if a player owns a baseball bat and a spared badge is able to be obtained if a player survives an execution. How about a champion badge? It can be gotten by winning an arena fight. Meanwhile, a hunter badge is able to be obtained by killing a player as a hunter. The other badges can be obtained based on the name, for example, survive the experiment badge can be obtained if a player survives the experiment.

Are there any game passes which can be bought in the Social Experiment game? There are two game passes offered by this game including Medium game pass and Riot Guard game pass. Medium game pass costs 149 Robux and it permits you to be able to talk and see the dead. Riot Guard game pass costs 99 Robux and if a player has this game pass, it can only be active during riot time. Medium game pass has been liked by more than 400 players while Riot Guard game pass has been liked by more than 50 players.

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